Googly-Eyes Halloween Bark

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
You know what we love? Any excuse to get festive during the holiday season! There's so much joy turning something simple into something a little extra special, especially this time of year. It just takes a bit of imagination and some creativity. With a toddler (can I still call her that??!) who is soaking in the holidays, I am delighting in spreading the cheer with her. She is living for all of the holiday goodness, and it makes my mama heart swell. Finding themed activities for her to participate in is wayyyy too much fun. Can't stop. Won't stop. 

So if you have littles or a festive spirit, this recipe has your name on it! Because a batch of our Googly-Eyes Halloween Bark is perfect for movie night, festive munching, or to "boo" your neighbors with!

  • What You'll Need
    • Pretzels 
    • Rice Chex Mix
    • Almond Bark
    • Candy Eyeballs
  • What You'll Do
    • Start by laying out rows of pretzels on wax paper.
    • Next sprinkle the Chex out evenly over top of the pretzels. 
    • Melt the almond bark in the microwave in 30 second increments (stir in between) and drizzle over the pretzels + Chex.
    • Place the candy eyeballs in the melted almond bark. Be careful placing them if the almond bark is hot from being heated.
    • Let cool and harden for about 30 minutes before breaking apart into chunks and enjoying!

**Add extra toppings to your bark before drizzling the almond bark if you like: popcorn, nuts, other candies. Since we have a toddler and don't let her eat popcorn just yet, we opted not to add it this year. 

Our recipe idea came from here!

Greer-isms || Vol. 4

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
In the months since Greer turned two, she has grown a vocabulary that is vividly wild. She's able to carry on a fluid conversation with me and husband . She's incredibly smart and just as hilarious. Not to mention, she's gained enough sass to last her well into her teens years. I've said it a million times before, and it still stands true, not a day passes that we aren't amazed or in a fit of giggles at something she has rationalized, figured out, or come up with. Greer has an abundance of spunk, a whole lot of logic, and plenty of sweetness. Since the last volume of Greer-isms, I've been keeping a running list on my phone of all the things she has to say, and y'all, I can't even!

Talking about the car cart at Home Depot...
G: I drove fast!
M: Oh, yeah?
G: Yeah! Because I'm young, and tall, and big! 

M: You're daddy's mini me!
G: I'm a small you!

M: Whatcha doin'?
(As she's looking down into the catch-all of her bib after eating juicy watermelon) 
G: I'm watching them (the seeds) swim.

M: How old are you?
G: Half and a two! 

Rubbing my pregnant belly over the spring...
M: Is it time for her to come?
G: Yeah! She'll really, really like us!
G: I love her so a lot!

When it comes to her doing anything that isn't toddler-approved....
G: I can do it! I'm a big woman!

Just as I was heading out for a girls' night...
M: I'm heading out to spend some time with my friends. Listen to daddy and have a goodnight, I love you!
G: You're going to talk about kids, school, and Quinn. Wub you! 
M: Yep, pretty much. 

A common phrase she likes to say these days....
G: What in the world??!

Singing "My Girl" out loud...
G: What can make me feel this way? My girl. My girl. Talkin' about..... yo mama. Mama! 

Laying her head on my pregnant belly....
G: She be my best, best ever friend!

Greer's version of "don't forget this."
"Don't get for this!" 

M: Greer, should we get a dog?
G: Yes!
M: What should we name it?
G: Pongo! (We'd been reading 101 Dalmations)
M: What about Maple?
G: No. about Mango (see what she did there??!)

Lately, she loves when we hold hands with our fingers interlaced. She came up to me and asked me this...
G: Can you wrap my hand up in a present?

G: **in a sad voice** I don't want to make my house clean.
M: Why not?
G: Because I want to play.
M: You can still play, I'm just tidying up.
G: No, I want to make it dirty! **cracks a devilish grin**

While watching me stir the sugar into the sweet tea...
G: Is it making you dizzy too?

M: Are you going to give me sugars?
G: No! **with a smirk**
M: Why not?
G: 'Cause I'm difficult!

Sitting together, eating lunch...
M: Do you want to try a carrot?
G: No, I don't like carrots. I like Goldfish and pretzels.....and red leaves! I love red leaves, but you can't eat leaves!

M: Are you excited for Halloween?
G: Yeah! But, I'm tired of it not coming!

You know you want more Greer-isms! 

Something To Swoon About Vol. 6

Friday, October 12, 2018
Happy Friday! How is it we're almost at the halfway mark of October? Anyone figured that out? Slow the heck down already, will you??! This is my favorite month of the year, where the holidays kick off, the seasons change, and the sweater weather commences. I live for all of the festivities. Bring them on!

Some of our current favorites:
  • We love the fun that our cut-out bats are bringing to our home. Their added charm really makes the Halloween décor come to life! 
  • A delicious white chicken chili recipe that becomes perfection when topped with sour cream and chunks of avocado. You should put it on your meal list for a Sunday dinner. 
  • A pumpkin chai tea latte with cold foam from Starbucks. Go get yours now for the taste of fall in a cup. 
  • This nail polish is supposed to arrive to me today, and I'm hoping it's as amazing as my expectations of it are. 
So that pretty much wraps it up. We're using our weekend to complete some house projects and wear all the sweaters because the fall temps are here!!! Meet me back here next week for a tour of our Halloween décor!

But wait....head over to my Instagram for the incredible fall-feels giveaway I put together with some of my favorite small businesses!! I promise you don't want to miss this!

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Spiced Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Crumb Bars

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Fall desserts are probably my favorites of all the desserts. Maybe it's because of the coziness that is baking in the kitchen on a fall day, windows open and a chilly breeze wafting through, the aroma of pumpkin and spices floating around. Or maybe it's the use of crumble on top of all the things. Either way, I love some fall baking. And the other night, after dinner and while husband was putting baby sister to sleep, Greer and I got a little one-on-one time in the kitchen. 

Greer and I adapted this recipe for pumpkin crumb bars and then made our own twist by adding a layer of cream cheese. Crumble topping + cream cheese. Amen. We saved a third of the dish for us an sent the other two-thirds with husband the next day to share at work. Because we're all about sharing the fall cheer!

  • What You'll Need
    • 2 boxes spice cake mix
    • 1 1/2 cups butter, melted
    • 3 1/2 cups old fashioned oats
    • 15 oz pumpkin purée 
    • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
    • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
    • 1 TSP vanilla extract
    • 1 egg
  • What You'll Do
    • Preheat the oven to 350°.
    • Combine the melted butter, spice cake mix (both boxes), and oats. Mix until well combined. 
    • Spread out half of the mixture into a greased 13x9 dish. Pat it down to make a solid crust.
    • Spread the pumpkin purée evenly across the crust. Set the dish aside.
    • In a separate bowl, whip the softened cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and egg. Spread this mixture evenly on top of the pumpkin purée layer. 
    • Last step, make large balls out of the remaining crust mixture, and from that pinch off chunks and cover the cream cheese layer. Once the cream cheese layer is completely covered, gently press down on the crumble. 
    • Bake for 35 minutes. Once out of the oven, let cool for 15 before serving or let cool completely then store in the fridge and serve chilled later.