Hello, Fall!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome, fall!! The second best day of the year has arrived! Are you wondering what I consider the best day of the year? October 1st. It is, after all, the very best month of them all! We'll be rounding out the last week of September with a lot of fall goodness, though. We'll be celebrating husband's birthday and making our first of a couple trips to the pumpkin patch. It will be glorious!

Outside of the first day of fall, I am beyond excited to welcome husband home tomorrow after a week away for a work trip to Sweden. We'll be having a low-key weekend while he re-coups from jet lag, and I am so looking forward to it.

To celebrate the arrival of fall, here are some of my favorite things for the season...

  • How adorable is this pom beanie? And if mama has a beanie, baby does too. Look at this one!
  • I love lounging around in sweatshirts for cozy weekends. I grabbed this one today, and I am so excited to sport it.
  • A good throw blanket for cuddling up with! And this one is on sale! 
  • I love a good coffee mug, and Rachel and I are co-hosting a giveaway over on our Instagrams for you to win a fall mug and candle! Go enter!!
  • Go get yourself a treat on this Friday, first day of fall, and grab a non-fat salted caramel mocha frappuccino, no whip. It's delightful. If it's cold where you are (the summer heat showed back up in Virginia for who knows what reason), then grab this as a hot latte!

Have a lovely weekend! xo

p.s. You all have been the absolute sweetest over my fall home tour! I can't think you enough for all of the kind words! xo

p.p.s. Did you read my little love letters for September??

The Cozy Season || Fall Home Tour 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy (almost) fall! Come on in! I am so excited to welcome you into my home today to share how I make our house cozy and festive for the season. You know good and well that my home has been decked with pumpkins since mid-August, making this day a long time coming. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in with a blanket. I've got a post full of photos and all things fall!

I think my favorite thing about our family room is all of the natural light we get. It makes everything feel fresh and airy, which is exactly the kind of way I wanted to decorate. This day last year we had just moved into our house, we had only been living here for four days. I didn't get to do a lot of decorating for fall because there were projects upon projects going on. This year I'm making up for it, but I am being more intentional with my personal style. I find that when you decorate for yourself, it always feels that much lovelier. 

I opted to stick with oranges, reds, and little pops of blues since they're in our house year round. I have loved the classic combination of colors while also keeping a lot of neutrals in the background. 

This time of year, as the air gets chillier, the leaves cascade down, and sweaters are the most important part of your wardrobe, a good fire is essential. I love the smell, the sounds, and the feel. However, we've been experiencing some summer temperatures this week after being teased with fall weather the last several weeks. This puts a crackling fire on the back burner. But, I love to cozy up a space with lots of candles and lamps. A lantern full of candles by the fireplace is the perfect way to make a room feel warm when you don't want the heat of a fire burning. And when it is cold enough for a fire, light those candles too, because it makes for the most wonderful sight. 

This wooly ball garland quickly became a favorite piece of décor. It perfectly complements the colors in the space without being an exact replica of what already exists. Heather owns Wooly Sheep Dots, and she let me design a garland that would fit seamlessly into my space. I'm in love! Aren't you? You can grab your very own "Fireside Cozy" garland in her shop. Use code: DARLINGDO10 today through the 25th for 10% off all garland!

Now just imagine a fire roaring away in the fireplace. Want to come settle in with blankets, coffee, hot cocoa, and movies? 

Our family room sits right next to the dining room, which is even more reason to carry the fall décor over into this space too. I kept with the same color palette, and added some greenery. I think my favorite thing is the garland I looped through the chandelier. It's just fun, and I love something fun and a little unexpected!

Table (similar) || Chairs || Bench  (similar) || Side Buffet || Arm Chair || Glass Lamp || 

Again, candles make all the difference. Light them when you can and add them to décor when you wouldn't normally think to do so. They're great at cozying up any room. 

Now that my table is all set, want to come over for a dinner party? I love hosting, and often don't do it enough. But, I really want to change that over the holiday season. And yes, I do believe that fall is the official open to the holidays ;)

Last, but not least, is the foyer. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our house. And it's important to me that it feels welcoming. I kept is simple with several pumpkins and a few pops of dried flowers and some berries. It feels lovely and perfectly fall! 

Rug || Console || Lamp (similar) || Glass Dome || Mirror 
Cake Stand (similar) || Apothecary Candle || Rain Boots 

Thank you so much for stopping by! It was a joy to share my fall-decorated home with you. For even more fall décor and inspiration for transforming your house into a cozy and festivities space for the season, visit these gals' blogs! 

M O R E    F A L L    H O M E    T O U R S 

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Little Love Letters || September Edition

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

dear weather,
you need not act like it is august. we are halfway through september, and the dog days of summer are no more. let's get chilly again. okay??

dear fall,
you start in two days. but in my heart, you've been in full swing since the last part of august. i'm so excited you'll officially begin in less than 48 hours. 

no matter how old i get, i will forever love you. i will always grab a box or three when you first arrive in stores. i had my first bowl of the season just last night. because who doesn't love a little cereal before bed.

dear shoes,
you make me so happy. i can't stop wearing you. even with dresses and my shorts. you're going to look amazing with cropped jeans. 

dear grass,
you need to be cut, and hopefully for the last time this year. but i can't bring myself to pull the lawn mower out. 

dear sweater,
i can't wait for your arrival. my dear blogging friend has the cutest little shop, and i'm a smitten kitten with the clothes. 

you are such a nice little treat with a cup of iced coffee.

dear mini van,
two months in, and i never knew how much i could love you. i can't believe those sentiments belong to me. who am i? a van mom, that's who!

dear holiday season,
i see you, and i am so excited for your arrival. in the hill house, you officially being at the stroke of midnight on october 1st, the very best month of them all.

dear blog readers,
you delight my heart. thank you for your readership, your comments (i'm so bad at responding, but i read them and love them all), and your friendship. y'all are the very best!

cheers + xo's

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p.s.s. there's a fall home tour coming to the blog tomorrow, and i hope you'll be back to enjoy all the fall goodness!

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Friday Favorites || Time, Slow Down!

Friday, September 15, 2017
Wire Basket || Magazine || Candle || Festive Paper Straws 

Whoah, this week went fast! And I know I say that a lot, but this week really moved at lightning speed. Can someone send a memo to the timekeeper and let him know so slow down a bit. This season needs to move slowly, for the sake of enjoying more fall things and for keeping my baby little longer. We're almost three months away from her second birthday. I can't even.

In other news, husband and I are working on our next project, the eat-in nook in our kitchen. My engineer gladly accepted my request for a light above the table in the nook. There was not an existing one in place, so he had to wire things, cut wholes, hang out in the attic, take things apart, and put them back together. It took over a day to get done, but it looks SO good! I'm pleased beyond my expectations. I am excited to share this reveal with you soon. Never underestimate the power of light in a space. It has changed up the feel of the kitchen entirely. Psst....the shiplap that is going up is also changing the feel ;) 

So some favorites lately....

  • Speaking of lighting...I added this cute little lamp baseshade to our kitchen for a cozier feel, and it does just that. I love lamp light vs. overhead light always. So it's nice having a lamp in the kitchen, because who says a kitchen can't be cozy?!
  • These pumpkins just keep multiplying in my house. I have no idea how....at least that's what I'm telling husband ;)
  • I have fallen in love with flameless candles for décor purposes. With a toddler running around, it's safe, and for this mama brain, it's safe so I won't forget to put them out. I have a lantern next to the fireplace just begging for flameless, but still life-like candles. But I'm still burning all the fall candles in out-of-reach places.

And that's it! On to the weekend, friends! xo

p.s. Did you see our annual apple picking adventure?

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