Halloween Home Tour

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
The countdown is on! Two weeks till Halloween, and we are making sure to get extra festive as the first holiday of the best time of year, approaches. After all, Halloween is the official gateway to all the holiday cheer, and I couldn't be more excited. Y'all, I think I exist for the festivities of the holidays! 

Once October, arrived I swapped out some of our fall décor for Halloween decorations. Because what is a holiday without all of the decorations? It makes our home feel extra cozy at this time of year, which makes me smitten. And I love how much husband and little miss love it all too. We're a holiday loving bunch, that's for certain. 

Come on in, grab your favorite cup of iced coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and settle in for some Hill House Halloween touches!

p.s. there is a source list at the end of the post!

Little pops of Halloween décor make a big difference, from bat cut-outs and books to small market pumpkins on candlestick holders, you can transform your home for this festive season. Texture, height variation, and some color consistency are my best tips for achieving your best decorated look!

This "Toil & Trouble" garland is my favorite for Halloween! I love the pops of pink combined with the whimsical swirly balls. You can grab one of these beauts from Wooly Sheep Dots, and be sure to use my code: DARLINGDO10 for 10% garlands! 

If you're wondering how to keep your home decorated year round, even for the holidays, with littles running around, check out my post just for this topic for some encouragement and tips!

S O U R C E S : Family Room Paint Color is Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams || Foyer Wallpaper || White Armchairs || Child's Chair || Velvet Pillows || Curtains || Curtain Rod || Ginger Jar || Ottoman || Coffee Table Book || Wax Tart Warmer || Wax Tarts || Rug ||Entryway Console || Lamp (similar) || Glass Dome || Mirror || Cake Stand (similar) || Apothecary Candle || Rain Boots || Anything else just ask me!

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A Little Blip Of The Weekend

Monday, October 16, 2017

What a whirlwind of a weekend! We did a lot of projecting on Saturday, and after church on Sunday we stayed out in the yard to get some more work done. It was an unseasonably 80 degrees in Virginia yesterday, and to make up for it, it's a low-in-the-50s kind of day today. Talk about mood swings. I hope it stays chilly, though. After all, it's the middle of October, and that's what this time of year calls for. Husband doesn't know it yet, but I have plans for a fire in the fireplace tonight and some hot apple cider. We are soaking up the chill in the air with everything we've got because who knows how long it's going to last. 

Like I mentioned, we stayed out in the yard almost all day on Sunday. Because with warm weather, sunshine, and a gentle breeze bustling through the leaves, it made for a good time to be outside. My favorite girl loves running downhill. I think it's the out of control feeling it gives her, combined with the rush. So while husband blew leaves and hickory nuts out of the yard, I watched Greer climb the incline into the neighbor's yard, count to three, then bound all wobbly like down the hill. She may have done this fifty times. Maybe more. Her sweet little face full of joy and excitement was too much not to capture. And the piggy tails, gah, I love those two little piggy tails! 

I hope your weekend was relaxing and refreshing, spurring you on for a great start to another week. May this whole week be chilly and full of all things fall. Stay tuned for a little Halloween home tour, coming to the blog tomorrow or Wednesday! 

Greer-isms || Vol. 2

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
I see a car about to pass me with a dog sticking its head out the window, its ears just flapping away.
M: Greer, look out your window! Do you see a dog?
G: Oh. My. Goodness.
Proceeds to talk about seeing the doggy the rest of the way home.

While bouncing or wallowing on mama and daddy's bed.
G: I wild!

Out running errands together.
G: Target?
M: Nope.
G: Sarbucks? (how she says Starbucks)
M: Nope.
How telling is this?!

Loading up in the Target parking lot, the two larger dogs in the car parked next to us, start barking wildly, startling both me and Greer. 
M: It's okay, Greer.
G: **to the dogs** Okay, okay. Enough.
The dogs stop barking. And I finish loading Greer in her carseat.
G: Hewwo! **waving wildly at them.

After getting Greer dressed in a new fall outfit.
M: You're beautiful!
G: I boot-ful!

From my room, I overhear Greer not listening well to my mom as she gets her diaper changed.
M: Greer are you being nice?
G: No! Hungry!
Apparently, my daughter already knows what it feels like to be hangry.

Pulling toys out of the toy chest, Greer puts on a pair of sunglasses missing one of the arms, turns around to look at me (so proudly) with the sunglasses on wonky.
G: Sunnies!!

M: I love you!
G: Okay.

When being fussy, her daddy tells her to throw the fuss away. She starts fussing while getting her diaper changed.
D: Throw the fuss away!
To the stuffed animal heads on her wall, Greer responds...
G: Here-ya go, 'corn (unicorn)! Here-ya go, bunny! Here-ya go, Jesus!

When looking for something (usually a toy), and she finds it.
G: Ah-ha! Find it!

If someone pulls out a camera and takes her picture.
G: Mommy does. Mommy does.
Good to know that she is very aware of how many photos I take of her. #imthatmom

As soon as I finish putting coffee over ice in my cup.
G: Sip coffee, mommy, please?

When ever she is really enjoying something, whether it's a meal, playtime, or time with mama and daddy.
G: So, so nice!

Pumpkin waffles are adorably called "punky waffles," while all other pumpkin things are correctly called pumpkins.

For more Greer-isms, head HERE!

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Friday Favorites For The Almost Weekend

Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy Friday, friends! I am currently sitting here, typing out this post, with a plastic firefighter hat on my head that is far too small and some costume bracelets up my arm. My little is asking me to pull stickers ("Dat one, please!) out of her fall sticker book, which she is putting on her footie jams or putting on me. This is my life, and I love it more than I could tell you.

Our week was a whirlwind, and I am so excited for the weekend to almost be here! Yesterday, was our fourth wedding anniversary (time flies!), and tonight husband and I are headed out on a date to celebrate. We haven't been on a date in forever (so bad of us!), so to say we're excited is an understatement.

And in other news, we have a full weekend ahead. Lots of projecting; we are finishing up the eat-in nook in the kitchen, which I will be revealing soon! Then we'll finish the weekend with family photos on Sunday. We have yet to have our family of three documented with professional family photos (besides our newborn session). And I am so looking forward to having our little family captured. Last-minute me is still putting our outfits together. Will I ever learn?!

Some favorites to kick off the weekend...
  • As soon as I saw this scarf, I knew I had to have it. So I ordered it, hoping I would love it as much in person. And y'all, I do! It's going to be my go-to-scarf, along with this one in gray for the fall and winter seasons. 
  • Who else loves lounge clothes? If I am home, I want to be in something comfortable that also makes me feel put together. And I have my eye on this set
  •  I am really interested in trying out this book and Bible study by Melanie Shankle. I love her books, and I am thinking this could be good study to dive into. Anyone tried it and have thoughts? 
  • The Halloween garland hanging from my mantle! If you love it as much as I do, be sure to visit Wooly Sheep Dots to grab your own "Toil & Trouble" garland designed by me! Use my code to get 10% off too! DARLINGDO10 

P O S T S    F R O M    T H I S    W E E K :

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