He + She = Us

Thursday, December 13, 2012

  • he's a libra, she's an aquarius
  • he loves sci-fi movies, she loves romantic comedies
  • he took french, she took spanish
  • they love to cook (together)
  • he's an engineer, she's a writer
  • he plays tuba and guitar, she wants to learn to play piano
  • he's ticklish, she's not ticklish (but he still tries)
  • they are all about the holidays
  • he ran, wrestled, and played soccer, she played soccer and volleyball
  • he was a boy scout (made it to eagle scout status), she danced for ten years
  • he's the youngest of four, she's the oldest of two
  • they heart jesus
  • he enjoys building/creating (especially if it explodes), she enjoys making jewelry
  • he has curly hair, she has super straight hair 
  • he has brothers and a sister, she has a sister
  • they love to play board games
  • he writes songs, she writes books
  • he loves his nieces and nephews, and she does too
  • he likes to make funny faces, she loves to take photos
  • they love to be outside
  • he can sing, she's still trying 
  • he's not a shopper, she is a shopping fan
  • he loves her, and she loves him
  • they want a big family some day
  • he's watched all the star wars movies, she's yet to see one
  • he is from a small town, she is too
  • he's a pc, she's a mac (and converting him to apple)
  • they're hometowns are surrounded by mountains
  • he likes rei, she is obsessed with crate & barrel 
  • he listens to christian rock , she listens to alternative
  • he's her biggest supporter, and she's his
  • they're best friends

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