Here Comes the Bride (in about nine months)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
I am one of those girls, yes the girl with the wedding countdown app on her phone. It currently reads 282 days until our big day (yay for the number getting smaller and smaller)! So far, this time of engagement has been a season of excitement, anticipation, and joy. Pete and I have been making to-do lists and slowly checking completed tasks off. We've been on the ball with our check, reception venue: check, color scheme: check. I even have my dress and it's more perfect than I could have dreamed; I feel like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly rolled all into one (perfection!).

As Christmas was approaching we put our wedding planning on hold to enjoy the holiday and all that it brings. But with the new year around the corner we will begin again, full speed ahead. And I can't help but feel antsy about accomplishing everything and getting it all done in time. It's not a bad antsy, but more of a thrilled antsy because I get to delve back into wedding magazines and talk wedding ideas and decorations once more (yay!). Check out my Happily Ever After Pinterest page to see the direction we are taking for themes. Of course, stay tuned here to follow along with our DIY projects and wedding decisions!

2013 is going to be a milestone year with so many new experiences happening for Pete and I, and we really couldn't be happier!

3 comments on "Here Comes the Bride (in about nine months)"
  1. So my sister in law's salon is called TEASE, and they are right downtown in Staunton if you are looking for hair/make up stuff. Her name is, wait for it... Alison SIMMONS! Easy enough to remember, huh?

  2. I have read your entire blog.. I love all the pictures and titles. May God bless you and Pete.

  3. Alicia, thank you! I will definitely look into that!
    And Amber that means a lot, thank you so much and God bless your family (you have such a cute little boy)!


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