Our Favorite Parts of 2012!

Monday, December 31, 2012
  • We both graduated from Virginia Tech (he in May and she in December) 
  • He started a great job 
  • Celebrated 1 year together  (best year of our lives!)
  • Family moved closer (from TX to NC)
  • Announcements of three new family additions (3 nephews!)
  • We discovered The Alamo in TX and VA 
  • Had our first big-city adventure in Charlotte 
  • Flew together for the first time (amazing trip to TX)
  • Camping trips at the beach and in the mountains 
  • We both turned 22 
  • Moved to Maryland
  • Pete's beard grew in fully (no patches!)
  • Started planning our wedding 
  • Our families met each other 
  • Fell in love with Monopoly (which was short lived)
  • Made wonderful friends 
  • Survived 6 months of long distance (yay it's over!)
  • Spent our 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas together 
Most importantly we furthered our walk with God, spent ample time with family, and dreamt new hopes for our future! Happy New Year!!!!

2 comments on "Our Favorite Parts of 2012!"
  1. Alamo Draft house in Winchester perhaps? My cousin Genevieve's husband works there.

  2. Yes indeed, the one in Winchester. It became our date place when we visited each other on the weekends. Small world!


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