Let the Birthday Festivities Begin!

January 24, 2013

Tomorrow marks another year since my last birthday (time flies when you're having fun)! I will be 23 in less than 24 hours...time is ticking down! I'm so looking forward to the next several days, more specifically later tonight when my mom and sister arrive (we'll be missing my dad in VA). They are making their first trek to Maryland for some birthday festivities! This weekend will be perfect, and do you know what else was perfect?? The surprise mini birthday party I had last weekend thanks to my Hill family! I was stunned when I walked into Pete's parents' house to see pennant strings hung from the ceiling, a birthday cake, and tulle tutus made special by two little girls. Decked out in our pajamas, we opened gifts and ate cake that night. Moments like these are my favorite and mean the most (I'm marrying into a pretty stellar family)! With one celebration behind me and one ahead of me, I'm going to say that turning 23 is going to be spectacular and it will be a birthday to remember!

*"Favorite Secrets" by Waylon Thornton (http://waylonthornton.tumblr.com)