Is Blogging Worth It?

May 8, 2013

I asked myself this question numerous times as I tackeld whether or not to start a blog. Although, I've been a writer of sorts my entire life, I found myself doubting my abilities when considering a public audience. How would people see me as a blogger? Would my work be received well and for that matter, would it even be liked? I kept finding excuse after excuse to keep myself from actually embarking on a blog of my own. And then I was struck with courage, a kind of courage that completely caught me off guard.

To understand my love for writing you must know that it's been a hobby from a very young age, being one of my outlets for expression. I have always adored the meticulous placement of words and the effortless flow of a well-constructed sentence. It's been my goal to create a place for readers to lose themselves in imagination, for them to form a mental portrayal of the words I have written. And with a calling to write, I have found comfort in words and their ability to endlessly express when used just so.  If it's not short books or poems I am writing it's in a journal. Yes, I have written in a journal since I was 10 and still do to this day. Packed away in a box are all of my hand-written journals from the last 13 years, stuffed and overflowing with memorabilia and the secrets and confessions of a growing girl. Admittedly, it's kind of scary to think that my entire life is documented for someone to find. But, if it wasn't for writing all those years, how would my memories be so wonderfully persevered? In that aspect, I am lucky. And for me, that is exactly what this blog has become, a journal, a safe-keeping of life's events. The only difference being that I have decided to share my life and thoughts with a much larger audience than just a book full of paper.

Tales of Two Hills is based on a new chapter in my life. It comes at the close of my college years, and most likely the last years of my schooling forever. And not just that milestone, but also my engagement to a wonderful man. The name of the blog itself is based on the last name I will take in a little less than five months; Pete and I will be the Hills and this blog is full of our tales. Although, private bits of our life will remain off of the blog, this is gong to be a collection of stories for Pete and I to fondly look back on, to someday share with our children, and to pass along to our friends and family.

So in asking myself if blogging really is worth it, I find myself undoubtedly agreeing that for me it is. It is my means of communication with family, a storage compartment to keep all my filed memories, big and small, and a way to share my story with others where they may find a connection with what's going on in their own lives. Life is fleeting and because my brain can not successfully store every passing moment to eventually relive or share, my blog has become my writing my place, my newest and most special journal.