Outer Banks Part I

Thursday, August 29, 2013
^^Can I please have this house??^^
 Early morning walk to the pier...you know, a casual two miles.
There's just a special way the sun shines on everything at the beach. 
The sunrises and the sunsets seem to kiss the world with a soft glow.  
The seafood is a must and you can't find it fresher.
The critters found are always a delight.
And the memories made linger until the next trip.
Oh, beach life you make my heart happy.
2 comments on "Outer Banks Part I"
  1. Please tell me that warning tape is for baby sea turtles soon to hatch! I love seeing those when we go to the beach!

  2. Sure is, and there were two of them! One nest hatched while we were there, although we didn't see it. But, still exciting!


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