The Honeymoon, Getting There

October 24, 2013

So as you can imagine, we left our wedding reception and took off for Washington, D.C., arriving to our hotel around 11 that evening. Our flight was to take off from Dulles at 6:00 AM, which meant a 3:00 AM arrival to the airport. After a week of moving, planning the final touches, and then getting married, these early times were not the best, especially with no more than 4 hours of sleep. But, we were heading to paradise, or so we hoped. You know, because sometimes the pictures on the website don't actually end up looking like the place you're visiting. With high hopes for a magical week of relaxation and time together (finally!), we rolled out of bed and hailed the hotel's taxi to take us to the airport. The flights were long (there were 2), at least they felt long on so little sleep and the unpractical expectations that I would fall soundly asleep on a plane. That's a joke, and if anybody has found the trick to falling asleep, comfortably and successfully on a plane please share. But, by 2 on Sunday afternoon we were making our decent into a little island in the Caribbean. If felt so good to finally see land after hours of nothing but water, or rather blue and fluffy clouds.

Paradise. There is no other word to describe this. It was more than the pictures and it was more than we could have dreamt. Not only was our wedding perfection, but so was the honeymoon. 
Who doesn't need a window in their shower that overlooks the aqua waters of the Caribbean?!
^^Sleeping Indian Mountain. His head is to the right and his arms are folded on his chest (the middle) with the rest of his body outstretched in the left of the photo. We woke up and went to bed to this site every day.^^
 ^^Look at the colors of the sunset basking on my handsome husband.^^
And after settling in, to a four-course dinner we went, as the sun was setting low over the bluest waters we have ever seen. A long flight turned into an exceptional evening surrounded by nothing than God's beauty. Honeymoon day one, wow! Absolutely breathtaking. The Coco Bay Resort in Antigua most certainly surpassed our expectations. I'll be posting the rest of the memories from this amazing trip tomorrow.