Dining Room Accessories Pt. 1

November 20, 2013

As you may know, Pete and I made our dining room table (here). We made it ourselves because we like creating, working with our hands, and keeping a budget that won't break the bank. A dining room table is a bit of a necessity in a dining room and so are the chairs, with ideas that we couldn't find in magazine or store, we decided the best bet to get what we wanted and liked was to implement our ideas ourselves. The table, although with few eccentric characteristics, has been great and served us well. It's calm vintage color and rustic feel (without being "country") were two of our top priorities in making it and we like to think we achieved that look. A table needs chairs and I never got around to our week long repurpose of three dining chairs we found at a flea market. Because I have had a vision for our table, I knew texture and variety would be wrapped into the perfect dining room set. So, three wooden chairs to sand down, stain, and recover with fabric was what we were looking high and low for. Lucky us, we found exactly what we were dreaming of, and it only cost us fifty dollars (steal!). But boy were those chairs the ugliest and in need of a whole lot of attention. After hours of sanding, repairing, and staining we finally started to see our vision coming into fruition. After cutting down foam to fit, sizing the fabric, and figuring out how to successfully get a nail head pin into the layers of foam, fabric, and wood, our chairs were finished. We're pretty proud of our handy work and those three chairs that were decent at best turned out to be the perfect start to our dining seat collection. Giving something a little love and attention can go along way; just check out the transformation!

With our major furniture handmade and repurposed, we decided on purchasing our final pieces. I can't wait to show you the complete set tomorrow!