Dining Room Accessories Pt. 2

November 21, 2013

My dining room set feels cozy, adult, and complete. It's nice to actually have a dining room set and to be able to have friends and family over to gather around the Hills' table and enjoy a meal, game, or conversation. It's not even been a week since we've had it and I can't wait to have a million dinner parties. I want to see the faces of the ones I love wrapped around our dining table enjoying each other and the atmosphere. I need excuses and more reasons to invite people over because some of the best things happen around the dining room table, and now we have the seating to facilitate that beauty. Saying I love the additional furniture and the entire look doesn't quite do it justice. It's ours and it's making our house more of a home. Sometimes it's the little things that turn out to be the big things. And extra seating around our handcrafted dining table is one of those times. 

Opening our furniture was Christmas coming early, putting it together was a giddy occasion and not a chore, and sitting in it for the first time was exactly like we thought it would feel. Working toward a vision over time, then to see it come to life is quite amazing. Our dining room never felt so lovely and inviting.

Now, I'm on the hunt for a rug to tie the dining room all together! If you have any favorite sites to find rugs, please share away!