Weekend Dates Out Of The Blue

November 11, 2013

Pete and I love going on dates. We find different ways to go out at least once a week and enjoy mixing it up with creative ideas. Saturday, we decided to have a morning date centered around the best donuts and some pretty swell coffee. There's a well-known gem in the burgs that goes by the name of Carol Lee Donuts; their donuts are out of this world. Seriously, I wouldn't kid on a matter such as this. With intentions of just getting two donuts each, we made our way to the tiny bakery on the edge of town. And by the time we got back in the car we had a dozen fresh donuts to enjoy for the entire weekend. For us, we needed, well wanted, a variety when it came to these delectable pastries and the donut shop isn't short of a whole assortment to chose from. Of course, they've lasted us until today (shocking!) and that's making Monday not such a bad start to the week. My personal favorite are the blueberry cake donuts and Pete is a huge fan of the cinnamon twists. But ,we love them all. 

Sunday turned into a lazy day for us after our weekend visitors headed home. We opted for a matinée together, mostly because I have really been looking forward to seeing About Time. If you can imagine, Pete has been coaxed into watching a lot of chick flicks and to my delight he didn't turn me down when I prompted we see this particular movie, especially since I've talked him into watching some really terrible ones. But, this movie....wow. Not only was I impressed with the story line and the manner in which it was all put together and beautifully told, but so was my husband. And that says something. About Time was phenomenal, and I don't think I've said that about a movie in a really long time. And as a person who really doesn't get very emotional during movies (ever), this one got me and everyone else in the theater. Finally, I picked a winning movie for us to watch and now I'm determined to buy it as soon as it's released. Even the husband agrees. And seeing as it's the month of giving thanks, let me be the first to say that I'm thankful for two wonderful dates on lovely fall days with my most amazing husband. 

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