12 Dates of Christmas: On Our First & Second Dates of Christmas

December 19, 2013

...we went to the downtown Christmas parade. And although we may have gotten completely soaked in the rain and missed the majority of the parade, it was still a lovely evening spent with family as we wandered through the farmer's market, dined on the steps of Theater 101 while listening to the Virginia Tech Tubas bust out some Christmas tunes, and gazed upon one of the largest Christmas trees I've ever seen. I was crazy about the festivity in the air with exuberant crowds and the excitement of the impending holiday all around. 

And on our second date of Christmas we had a little date downtown at the Cellar. Meeting up after work, we snuggled into the little restaurant and split a Greek pizza (absolutely delicious!). Then we traipsed around downtown to do a little Christmas shopping in the cutest stores. 

^^Wouldn't you want the sweatshirt on the right? Don't worry, I didn't get it.^^

p.s. we're on YouTube now!