Star Light, Star Bright

Friday, December 27, 2013
Last night husband spent some time outside with the stars. Having played around and learned more about camera settings, he was excited to take our new travel tripod out into the night to capture some of God's beauty. Spectacular, isn't it? Now, I'm itching to try this myself. 

 ^^I can't help but wonder exactly what the red streak is. A bird, a plane, superman?^^
^^And this is my favorite.^^
1 comment on "Star Light, Star Bright"
  1. First of all, excellent pictures! Second of all, I wanted to make you knew about a (very) small link-up party over at my blog right now. It's supposed to be a reflection of the year and is called "In 2013, I Learned ..." Here's the post.

    Sorry to post this in your comments section. I looked for a place to email, but couldn't find one. So, it went here! If you have time, sweet. If not, that's ok too!!!!

    Also, happy marriage to you! Mark and I celebrate 5 years tomorrow! Woah!!!


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