Traditions and Trees

December 3, 2013

In honor of our first married holiday traditions, Pete and I decided we wanted to merge some our childhood traditions with new ones we want to make for our own family. One of the new traditions we decided on incorporating was to cut down our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning. I mean, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and I am very thankful for Christmas and Christmas trees. I'm quite a sucker for it all, actually. Because it's something neither of us has done on turkey day, we thought it would be a fun way to ring in the holiday season. 

So we grabbed some coffee and headed through the mountains to get to my very favorite tree farm (a place we've gotten trees from since I was a tot). The drive up there is a beauty in itself, but when you arrive up to the tree farm, you feel like you are on top of the world, and the best part is the hundreds of pines surrounding you...not to mention that heavenly balsam smell wafting around. 

With our tree tagged previously, we knew where to head, saw in hand, to cut down our very first tree. Nothing gets better than celebrating and preparing for the holidays, unless of course you're doing it with your new husband. Yes, having all these holidays to share as the Hills keeps a smile on my face. I sure do love that man and the holidays. They make a pretty stellar duo, and I'm falling in love with the holidays in a whole new way this year. 

I kind of love watching the Christmas tree get shaken and bound, made ready for transport home. How can you not find your tree dancing away, somewhat amusing....or maybe it's the person holding the tree that gives me the giggles, because they end up shaking just as much as the tree does.