Snow Day Surprise

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

^^This was yesterday afternoon, when the flurries were barely falling and only sticking to the parking lots. The grass was merely speckled and the roads were completely clear. The weatherman had forecasted a 40% chance of snow showers with little to no accumulation. Silly me, I believed him. For the past two weeks, snow accumulation has been broadcasted over and over again. Only to not come into fruition and to leave scattered patches on the brown ground. It looks so ugly with the dead grass and small pockets of melting snow. It's my least favorite thing about the winter. My philosophy is if it's going to be super cold, then let there be lots of snow. Otherwise, I don't want the cold.^^

^^Then about 10:00 last night I looked out my front door to take in this site. No accumulation, huh? And the snow didn't stop falling at this point either. Oh, no. By the time I got in the bed, it was still coming down outside. And yes, I was very excited for the possibility of heaping, fluffy snow in the morning. That and a snow day!^^

^^Luckily, the dream I had early this morning about all the snow having melted, wasn't foreshadowing of the conditions outside. Instead, it was just the opposite. The ground is covered, and so are the roads, which means working from home today (yay!). There's nothing quite like working in your comfy clothes, with a fireplace going and the snow to peer out at. Who says kids are the only ones that can get excited about snow days?! Pshh. Happy Snow Day to you! I hope you enjoy it one way or another!^^

Mini Series Roundup

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wow, last week's guest posts were amazing! I had such an incredible time sharing the blog for six days with six fabulous women. I enjoyed everyone's take on themed eating and how healthy foods and activities are incorporated into their life and day-to-day. Perspective on healthy eating is what I was looking for and that's definitely what I got. As I've mentioned before, I have felt limited in my dinner recipes and coming up with original meals to prepare. Now that husband and I are eating under a themed umbrella each day, having different outlooks on ingredients used to prepare clean meals is something I need to be successful. I don't want to burn out with recipes before I even get started. And last week all of my guest posters certainly opened my eyes to all the possibilities, especially when it comes to taking a staple side and alternating it out for a healthier, creative substitute. Variety is key. 

I'm now loaded up with recipes to try out for myself and so are you! And I can't wait to try them out, which is why some of the recipes are appearing on our dinner list this week. And because my aim with themed eating was flexibility, we aren't necessarily sticking to eating certain recipes on certain days. For instance, portobello mushroom pizzas were featured on Meatless Monday, but for our schedule and what works best for us, we are having it for Traditional Thursday. So the portobello mushroom pizzas are our take on a traditional meal, transformed. Same for the applesauce, which we devoured last night along with broccoli mac n' cheese and red cabbage slaw. As for the fish tacos, we'll be eating those up for Fish Friday. 

Another change we are making for ourselves with themed eating is to change Crock pot meals to Thursdays and Traditional meals to Wednesday. For us, Wednesdays are too busy to keep a crock pot going (we'd burn our food!). But, Thursdays work super well for a crock pot meal. So we're switching it up. See! It really is all about making it work for you and not cramming yourself into a box that just doesn't fit into your lifestyle. Making it work will make it stick!

Thanks to the gals who shared their recipes and healthy lives. And thanks to all my readers for opening up to my guests. I am already thinking up ideas for another guest posting series! If you try out any of the recipes, share your comments or tweaks. And if you have any recipes, please share, I'm always looking for more dinner ideas. 

A Birthday Over The Weekend!!

Monday, January 27, 2014
On Saturday I celebrated my 24th and I must say, I'm feeling like quite the adult. Okay, so nothing really changed, I still look the same and feel the same. Isn't that how it works every birthday, though?  But, it was a spectacular day and I want a repeat, please. 

If I'm getting technical, my birthday festivities began Friday afternoon with a lunch date out with my sister and mom. Of course, cupcakes made their way into my day, with a quick stop at Bubblecake after lunch. And who can pick just one?! So we picked 6 to share and taste test (goodbye clean eating habits). Don't worry, we didn't eat them all in one setting...that would be impossible with their size and sweetness. So, I've still got half eaten cupcakes sitting on my kitchen counter that I am still munching on. Then there was dinner with my in-laws at the embassy. Yes, you read me right....we ate at the embassy, a restaurant that is known for its authentic Mexican cuisine. 

And Saturday, my actual day of birth, began with an early morning full of lattes and pastries, that lead into an afternoon/brunch affair of turkey burger sliders, french fries, mimosas, and carmelitas. I'd say I had quite the start to the day in the way of delicious food. Lunch was followed by hours of tubing with family and friends. And, although, it was quite frigid, it was a blast! The blustery snow set the backdrop for a winter wonderland, and the escapades of tubing brought out the child in me. After our fill of the slopes and a hot chocolate for thawing out on the way home, I was treated to dinner prepped and cooked by my parents at the Hill household. And a special dessert tart made (homemade, mind you) by my sweet husband. 

^^Of course we went to Starbucks. Where else would we go?!^^
^^My sneaky husband and sister teamed up to surprise me with decorations. Gotta love them!^^
^^I'm only a little crazy about fresh squeezed orange juice these days.^^
^^We've come up with a healthy recipe for turkey burgers that we can't stop eating. So when husband planned out the day, this fit perfectly into our plans to share with our friends before hitting Winterplace.^^

All in all, I loved celebrating the start of my twenty-fourth year. It's going to be a fantastic age full of some pretty amazing stuff. This whole getting another year older thing isn't quite so bad, when you live your years intentionally with the people that make it so worth while. 

Themed Eating Mini Series: Free Saturday (Cheat Day)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guest Post By Amy Hill


I'm Amy Hill, and I started blogging at the HillHuddle about a year and a half ago when my husband and I began the adoption process to bring our twin sons Ezekiel and Gabriel home from Ethiopia. 

What began as a great way to keep friends and family up to date, stuck. Blogging is fun! If I had time, I think I would blog about food that's pretty to serve, DIY projects, and deep thoughts about life and the hereafter. But I'm a mom. So mostly I blog about milestones and throw-up, and my faith all mixed up together. However, my friend and sister-in-law Astleigh is super at blogging about all the sorts of things on my first list, here at Tales of Two Hills. I have loved this week's meal plan shares. Fun, easy, and inspiring... (I might even try to find a portobello mushroom at the grocery store next week.) I'm excited to contribute! But y'all, my post lands on "cheat-day" Saturday for good reason. My nutritional knowledge (or dedication) is kind of lacking, but I am WAY-GOOD at splurging. Of course we're coming off of the turn-it-all-around New Year, so I tried a little... and when I told my husband I'd be making something yummy for Astleigh's birthday (YES - it's today!), he was desperate for sweets and quick to nominate his own favorite dessert recipe. In the name of pinterest, elegance, and pioneering, I shut him down. I surveyed decadent new recipes on my pinterest board and raked through tried-and-true ones, but low and behold, after I surveyed the birthday girl to find out what she might LOVE for her birthday, I reached the same conclusion as Cary (sometimes you should just listen to your man - no, that is not the conclusion I meant). Today we'll be making CARMELITAS.

Everything you need, you probably have in your pantry. (Unless you typically eat healthy. Nevermind.)

  • Ingredients: 
    • Base: 
      • 2 cups flour 
      • 2 cups quick cooking oats
      • 1.5 c. brown sugar
      • 1.75 c. butter, softened
      • 1 t. baking soda
      • .5 t. salt
    • Filling: 
      • 1 jar (12.25 oz) caramel topping
      • 3 T. flour
      • 1 c. chocolate chips
  • Steps:
    • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
    • Mix base ingredients in mixer until crumbly. Reserve half of the mixture (about 3 c.) for topping.
    • Press remaining mixture into sprayed 13x9 in pan. Bake 10 minutes in oven at 350.

Now... While those are baking, let's take a minute to celebrate the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

I mentioned Astleigh is my sister-in-law. She's a beaut' inside and out - but you already knew that. I love that Astleigh's passions overflow. She's always adding new goals (just look at all she's done with the blog since she decided it would be her vessel for doing what she loves, and her latest decision to eat clean which she is beasting!). I love what she's added to the life of my brother-in-law who I'm also extremely fond of. I love to see them happy and spurring each other on in all things. Astleigh is exploring the person she was created to be, and I love getting to watch and be a part of that. Of course I could go on and on, but look: time's up! It's been a fast 18 minutes, our carmelitas are golden brown on top, and it's time to pull our final product out of the oven.

Voila! (A little raspberry garnish never hurt anything chocolate....)

Happy birthday, Astleigh! And before I sign off, out of guilt for possibly wrecking what has been an otherwise healthy and productive week for you readers, here are some of my favorite "better choices" that I will (maybe, try to) gravitate toward while my husband demolishes the leftovers of our second batch. Hope you enjoy. It's been fun!


  • Fave Snacks:
    • FRUIT! (Need a new go to? Try frozen grapes!)
    • pistachios
    • almonds (I prefer the dark chocolate variety. What?! Dark chocolate is good for you.)
    • apples and peanut butter
    • raw veggies and hummus
    • sherbert with sliced fruit or berries

Themed Eating Mini Series: Fish Friday

Friday, January 24, 2014
Guest Post By Jenifer Messer

Hey Peeps!  Jenifer here or “Sarge” to some...I'm a wife, mommy to my 3 year-old, spitfire Miss Laken, license owner/drill instructor of Boot Camp Challenge, runner, and outdoor enthusiast!  Promoting health and wellness to others is a passion of mine and one I take seriously. When someone makes the decision to change their life through clean eating and exercise, I just want to do a cartwheel! Making that decision can add years to your life which allows you to better enjoy all the moments ahead. I want nothing more than for people to live their best life.

I strive daily to be a strong role model for my daughter and to lead our home with a fit lifestyle. We love hiking together as a family and hitting local trails for biking and runs. Having my daughter grow up in a home where eating real food and exercising is just normal is so important to me. She has no idea what Fruit Loops are and thinks a Larabar is a “candy bar” and I'll keep it that way!  She regularly goes with me on runs and works out with me at home (she likes to climb onto my back while I do planks). I get questions on a regular basis asking how to get a kid to eat healthy and how to get a family eating clean all or most of the time. Balancing it all is tough, but definitely doable with organization and planning in advance to be successful! get a kid to eat healthy by not introducing them to the processed junk that's out there in the first place! ; ) OR  by gradually adding fresh fruits and veggies in creative ways to their daily diets.  Let the kids be in on the process of making the food.  If they are involved, they will eat it.  Trust me, I know! 

Speaking of getting kids and families to eat healthy food... I took on FISH FRIDAY!  Here's a favorite recipe that is a huge favorite at our home and totally YUMMO as I like to say. 

Tilapia Fish Tacos with Creamy Lime Guacamole Cabbage Slaw
  • Ingredients:
    •  2 avocados—halved, pitted, and peeled
    •  1/4 cup low-fat sour cream or Greek yogurt *I use Greek for the health benefits!
    •  1 small jalapeno, seeded and thinly sliced
    •  2 tablespoons minced red onion
    •  2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
    •  5 tablespoons fresh lime juice
    •  Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
    •  1 small head of cabbage, shredded (4 cups)
    •  2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for brushing
    •  2 pounds thick Tilapia fillets
    •  Ten 7-inch flour tortillas, warmed *I used corn tortillas to cut down on sodium and calories!
    •  2 medium tomatoes, thinly sliced
    •  Hot sauce, for serving
    •  Lime wedges, for serving

1. Light a grill. In a medium bowl, mash the avocados, sour cream, jalapeno, red onion, cilantro and 3 tablespoons of the lime juice. Season the guacamole with salt and pepper and press a
piece of plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the guacamole.
2. In a large bowl, toss the cabbage with the 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the remaining 2
tablespoons of lime juice. Season with salt and pepper. *I added a few shakes of hot sauce for some spice!
3. Brush the fish with oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill over moderately high heat until cooked through, about 10 minutes. Transfer the fish to a platter.  *You can also bake the fish in the oven using aluminum foil, like I did.
4. To assemble each taco, spread a dollop of guacamole on a tortilla. Top with a piece of fish, a few tomato slices and a large spoonful of the cabbage slaw. Serve with the hot sauce and lime wedges.

I served these fish tacos up with a side fat-free refried beans but black beans or some seasoned brown rice would also be a great addition!  I hope you enjoy this meal as much as my family! 

Love Life, Stay Fit, and God Bless!  

Themed Eating Mini Series: Traditional Thursday

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Guest Post By Katherine Ashbaugh

Hi, friends of Astleigh! We're the Ashbaugh's, family of four. On a regular day, you can find me blogging over at I Don't Have a Clue ... But I'm Finding Out. We typically don't do internet pics of the kids, but this is Mark and I.

How can I best describe our eating habits? Well, we like to eat, a lot, especially when someone else is cooking for us! Unfortunately, we're the grown-ups around here, so the end results tend to fall on the simple side of the spectrum (as you will soon see).

We like to feel content at the end of a meal, but not too full. We use a lot of olive oil, pepper, garlic, and basil. We like almost every kind of vegetable or fruit, and we love homemade bread. We get creative with our soups and rely heavily upon our grill. We don't use "cream of" anything in our recipes, and typically stay away from heavy cream, lots of cheese, or prepackaged foods. But, we love Blue Bell and Cheez-its. 

Everyone's inconsistent.

Other ways we stay healthy? We try to spend intentional time with each other, with our kids as a family, and with various groups of friends. Y'all, do not discount the health aspect of community! (And what better way to build community than around a table sharing a delicious meal?) We also spend a lot of time romping around outside, dabble in home gardening (meaning fresh produce), and are attempting to mill wheat berries into whole grain flour. 

I don't want to talk about regimented exercise, because at this point, there's not much to say.
My recipes? I almost want to hide at this point due to their simplicity, but well, people need ideas, so here are ours. They are simple, but de-lic-ious!

I've been slotted with Traditional Thursday, so today, we will consider the all-American burger, fries, pickle meal.

Y'all, burgers? There are degrees of evil in these depending on the quality of meat. Fries? Bad. Pickles? Yummy, but I'm not sure there's any nutritional value in them. How do you health-ify this meal?

Last summer, we experimented with vegan-dom. It lasted two weeks; however, one major change came with this summer staple. The burger has henceforth been substituted with (drumroll please) … a portobello mushroom. 

Oh just give it a chance!

Open-faced Portobello Burger
  • What You'll Need:
    • 1 Portobello Mushroom
    • Olive Oil
    • Salt / Pepper to taste
    • ½ whole wheat bun
    • Enough mayo to cover the bun
    • Provologne cheese (optional)
  • What You'll Do:
    • Brush enough olive oil over the mushroom to cover entirely. Add salt and pepper.
    • Place on the top rack of the grill for about 15 minutes. (Shroom shrinks, and that's ok.)
    • Melt cheese on top.
    • Add mayo to bun, then the mushroom.
    • I eat mine open-faced.

I told you this was really simple.

Some people can't give up their burgers. If you are one of those people, that's fine. But consider making a few substitutions with your sides.

Soy Sauce Baked Green Beans (instead of fries)
  • What You'll Need:
    • 1 lb green beans
    •  Soy sauce
    • Salt / pepper
  • What You'll Do:
    • Wash green beans. Remove the ends.
    • Lay green beans on a baking tray. Sprinkle with soy sauce. Add a little salt and pepper.
    • Bake on 450 for 15 minutes.

Homemade Applesauce (instead of pickles):
  • What You'll Need:
    • 8 tart apples (Macintosh, Green)
    • ½ brown sugar
  • What You'll Do:
    • Core and peel apples.
    • Add ½ cup water to fill bottom of pan.
    • Add ½ cup brown sugar.
    • Cook on low for 30 min to an hour with a lid until they feel soft.
    • Serves 4.

The moral of the story is that locally grown and organic foods are richly flavored in and of themselves. Your goal is to highlight and enhance this natural goodness! Enjoy!

Themed Eating Mini Series: Crock Pot Wednesday

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Guest Post By Lauren DiLisio

One year ago this month, I decided to follow a vegan diet. I say “diet” because some choose it as a lifestyle. I’ve still got leather boots, I’ll occasionally use honey instead of agave and I definitely have vitamins and supplements without the vegan stamp of approval. However, as much as it was a choice to begin eating this way, I was also forced to go this route. I had recently discovered that I had an allergy to eggs; y’know, just to keep my dairy allergy company. I had taken Lactaid for about 13 years about every single day with almost every meal in order to satisfy my love of cheese and all things dairy. One day out of the blue, I began getting violently ill after ingesting dairy. Ben, my boyfriend and the wonderful man he is, played Captain Obvious and said, “maybe you should cut out things you’re allergic too.” 

So there I was. All my life I held close to this love for cheese and eggs, until I read up on how bad it can be for you (aside from my body rejecting it anyway). I cut it out altogether for a couple days and then decided to push meat out of my diet as well.

I have never slept better, had more energy, a clearer complexion and best of all no after-eating stomach aches that have me doubled over in pain. I lost all the weird weight that women grab from their bodies and say, “what the hell is this?” I knew I made the healthy decision to become vegan. 

After a year of trial and error with hundreds of recipes I’ve finally got a grip on what it means to “veganize” recipes, I have an incredibly stocked pantry with all the spices you dream of, but best of all I’ve got someone by my side giving me constant support, “veganizing” with me and enjoying this diet change. At least I think he is… otherwise I’m totally done cooking every day.

The crock pot: feared by many, loved by more. The thing that scares me about any slow cooker is that once it’s all in… it’s all in. There’s no “throw it back on the stove with some garlic and onion, bring out that rosemary and thyme flavor a little more.” There’s not much going back, especially with this recipe, but that’s okay because it was freaking delicious.

Vegan, Gluten Free, Biscuit-topped Pot Pie
  • What you’ll need:
    • 5 tbsp white rice flour (or any GF flour)
    • 5 tbsp vegan butter
    • 1 cup almond milk (or a non-dairy milk of your choice)
    • 2 cups GF vegetable stock (more or less for consistency)
    • 1 tsp salt
    • ½ tsp black pepper
    • A few pinches of Rosemary
    • 1 pinch Oregano
    • 2 pinches Thyme
    • 1 pinch Coriander (optional)
    • 1 ¼ tsp Garlic powder
    • 1 tsp Onion powder
    • 1 can of peas, 1 can of carrots, 2 russet potatoes (peeled, diced, and boiled) and 1 block (16 oz) of extra firm tofu drained, pressed and cubed.
This was the first time I’ve cooked anything gluten free, at least on purpose. After buying Bob’s Red Mill gluten free white rice flour, I used this recipe straight from the website and “veganized” it (using egg replacer, vegan butter and a non-dairy milk).

  • What you’ll do:
    • Start pressing your tofu, whether you’re using a tofu press or the traditional method Then peel and cut your potatoes into about half-inch cubes and boil them for a few minutes. Make sure not to let them get too soft as they’ll be cooking more in the crock pot. Once they’re done run some cool water over them to stop them from cooking and let them sit until you’re ready for them.
    • In a saucepan, toss in half a cup of vegan butter, and 5 tablespoons of gluten free flour. Whisk until the butter is dissolved and everything is all mixed up. Then slowly stir in the almond milk, vegetable stock, salt and pepper. Let cook for 5-10 minutes on medium, stirring until it has a gravy-like consistency. Feel free to thin it out to your liking with more stock and add more spices, pepper, salt, etc. until you’re satisfied with the flavor. Tasting is important!
    • Add your vegetables and tofu into the crock pot and stir in the gravy mixture. Turn it on to your desired temperature. I did mine on 6-8 hours (medium-high, for about 6 ½ hours). Using a spoon, or fingers like I did, scoop the biscuits over the crock pot wonderfulness. Make sure to vent the lid, I used a chopstick, so the condensation doesn’t build up and make your biscuit-top soggy and disgusting.
    • You can leave the biscuits as scoops or flatten them like a crust; I chose the latter. Keep in mind that the biscuits will be cooking slowly, so the thinner the batter is on top, the faster it will cook.  In the center of the crock pot, the biscuit-mixture will also take longer regardless; this means you’ll have to test the dough after 5 hours to make sure it’s cooked through, or is at least getting there, and the gravy is bubbling up on the sides.
    • After the biscuit-top is done, viola! Dig in!

While this recipe is 100% delicious on its own, I broke down and topped it with Texas Pete and tofutti sour cream (vegan AND gluten free). If you’re feeling a little “Thanksgiving-y,” you should totally serve this with some cranberry sauce.

So enjoy all that the crock pot has to offer and enjoy the leftovers even more!

Themed Eating Mini Series: International Tuesday

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Guest Post By Alicia Jones

Hey there!  I’m Alicia, and I’m really excited to be invited here to Tales of Two Hills for Astleigh’s themed eating mini–series!  I’ve chosen a NEW recipe to try out this week for International Tuesday and I think it’s going to be delicious, but before we get to all that, a bit about my family and our habits...

^^ That's us. David is my man, and Austen is our girl.^^

At this moment we are a real food striving, paleo learning, meal planning, learning along the way type of family.  We didn’t get here overnight though, it’s been years in the making and there will be more experimenting and changing to come along for certain.  The first big change was a byproduct of moving to the country; it was the beginning of the end for us.  Living farther than a few minutes from the grocery store, with a small kid, and only one (totally amazing) restaurant close by it meant our eating habits were going to have to change.  No longer could we decide on a whim what we wanted to eat that evening. No, “Oh, we’ll just order take out!”  Or, “I need beans to make this!”.  Meal planning and once a week grocery shopping had to happen and let me tell you, it was life changing.  We will never abandon our meal planning; it is a crucial part of our time management strategy, plus we need all that “extra” time to chop wood and try to catch flying squirrels! (Yeah, that happened). Even with meal planning, we were still eating a fair amount of “convenience foods” even though we wanted better and talked about it frequently. Overall, we were still not feeling great.  Luckily for us, David and I reached the “enough is enough” point around the same time, even if for different reasons.  We cut out gluten for some symptoms I was experiencing, and seemed to have some success with that.  As time wore on, we became less strict about the gluten but we find ourselves headed back that direction now because, although we feel a lot better than before, I still have some issues that I’m trying to figure out.  Lucky for me, my main squeeze loves me and is willing to try to figure it out with me, so the food experiment continues! Seriously, food is just one big experiment, ya’ll. 

Food isn’t the only thing we’ve changed in an effort to feel better, I had been exercising sporadically, and David worked around the house, but we had no designated exercise time.  He decided to take a class at Tech MMA and I, after much debate and anxiety signed up for Boot Camp Challenge, holla!  Our new exercise routines gave us the motivation to also do better in the kitchen, and strive for the type of eating we wanted to be doing; focusing on eating less processed, more nutritious meals, before we knew it we were both down more than a few pounds, a lot more.  Teaching Austen all the exercises we do, and watching her do her favorites is priceless; mountain climbers and bear crawls, crazy child.  This past Thanksgiving, we all did the YMCA Turkey Trot and Gobbler Run in Waynesboro, VA; the smile on her face was motivation to never stop being active.  (Seriously, would you look at that face?!)

Anyway, that is a little bit about us and why we eat the way we do, feeling better is the name of the game. As I said, I’ve decided to try something we’ve never made before for this little project, my friend Lynnae (shout out!) says it is delicious, and it is also Whole30 compliant, which fits my family’s needs.  I gotta warn you: if you’re looking for low fat, this is NOT the recipe for you. This is chock full of good Omega 3 fat from the coconut.  So, without any further ado, the recipe!  

Chicken Curry with Mashed Cauliflower
  • Ingredients for Chicken Curry:
    • 2 Tablespoons coconut oil
    • 3+ Tablespoons curry powder (I used about 1.5 TBS. because 3 seemed like a lot!)
    • Garlic powder to taste
    • Onion powder to taste
    • 2.5 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into 1-inch cubes, seasoned with salt & pepper
    • 1, 14 ounce can coconut milk
    • 1, 14 ounce can tomato sauce
    • 1, 14 ounce can pineapple bits, canned in unsweetened pineapple juice
    • handful of fresh green beans
    • red pepper flakes to taste
  • Directions for Chicken Curry:
    • In a large skillet on medium, heat coconut oil and curry powder until it gets a little paste-like.
    • Add garlic and onion powder. Then add chicken and stir to coat.
    • Cook for 8 minutes (until chicken is no longer pink in center)
    • Add coconut milk, tomato sauce, pineapples including juice, red pepper flakes, green beans, more salt and pepper, and stir well.
    • Cover and simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Ingredients and Directions for Mashed Cauliflower:
    • 1 Small head cauliflower, boil until fork-tender.
    • Add 1/8 cup almond milk and salt, pepper,  & garlic to taste.
    • Put everything in food processer and pulse until smooth and creamy. 

Serve curry over the cauliflower, and MMMMMMM. This is really, really tasty.  The more I ate, the more I liked it! David and I added in the red pepper flakes and a bit of siriachi.  It has a really rich flavor and the texture is nice and creamy from the coconut milk.   I am already looking forward to serving it with eggs for breakfast!  Austen wouldn’t try it, which is a shame, because I know she’d like it.  She had her dinner all separated out with no sauce, which we planned on just in case, but isn’t ideal for a busy family.  We will definitely make this again sometime, perhaps if it shows up again Austen will give it a shot?

P.S. Mad props to David who actually cooked this while I attempted to take the pictures. Food bloggers must have four arms and nice cameras. 

P.P.S. curry + eggs = awesome