Fresh Squeezed OJ

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

As of late, husband and I have been on a clean eating kick. You can see that here & here. When handed down a simple orange/lemon juicer a few weeks back, we felt a little excited to try out some fresh orange juice. And when we did, we fell in love. Really, we've already gone through two 5 lb. bags of oranges and we still want more. There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh OJ when compared to what you can buy in a store. We're adding no preservatives, no sugar, no nothing. Simply enjoying the juicy goodness of the fruit. Now that I've been bitten by this juicing bug, I want to move on to bigger juicing endeavors. I'd start small with apples, but oh the possibilities! Plus, isn't the color of the juiced oranges, one of the best?!

1 comment on "Fresh Squeezed OJ"
  1. Do you add the fibers and pulp back in after you juice it? If not, you should! Its healthier cause the actual fibers are good for your body and help keep your blood sugar spike low when you drink it!


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