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Thursday, February 6, 2014
It's here! My little corner of the internet has undergone a complete revamp. It's been a renovation of sorts, with a lot of time, meticulous efforts, and strategy put in place to get to where my ideas were going. It's still the same blog and blogger, but with a whole new style and a different name. 

It's a "more me" kind of look that I have slowly been trying to achieve. After months of brewing up ideas, researching, brainstorming, and more researching the blog has come together. From the blogging start, I knew where I wanted to get look-wise, but had to accept that I didn't know all I needed to accomplish the design at that point in time. Some patience (okay, a lot of it) and creativity has seen me through. And finally, I've gotten there, well here. And it sure feels all kinds of amazing!

The concept of redesigning my blog, beginning with a name change, started after Pete and I got married. The original name, Tales of Two Hills, was a name husband came up with one fall day while we were lounging outside and I was working out my thoughts on beginning a blog. The name worked well and I loved it, until I started to think big picture four months ago. We want children some day (yes, baby fever is an almost-everyday symptom) and tales of just two of us isn't going to quite cut it. So I began thinking of different ways to rename this blog of mine, which would eventually incorporate our entire family. And so, welcome to Hill Collection! This blog is an entire collection that will keep growing and holding some of the most precious, and also simple, moments in our life. The name couldn't be more fitting for the blog.

After the name change, came the look aspect. For me, this was incredibly fun, and also challenging at times (who doesn't enjoy a challenge every now and then?!). I had to recall the coding I learned years ago, dig deep into research to figure out what I didn't know/couldn't remember, and put it all together. The perfectionist in me, guided me along the way. 

I really couldn't be happier with the redesign outcome, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I'd love to hear your feedback on the blog's new appearance. How do you like the new look and what are some of your favorite changes?

Be sure to change your bookmarks or RSS feeds to the new web address: WWW.HILLCOLLECTION.BLOGSPOT.COM
7 comments on "Hill Collection! "
  1. Looks great. How did you change your web address, but still keep all your content? Was that a quick change or a hard, involved, coding one?

    1. Thanks! The address is really simple to change and can be done in the settings of your blogger page. It's as simple as just typing the new address in the designated box. I can give you step by step instructions if you need, just let me know!

    2. I'll look into it. I've always thought that my own is perhaps a few too many words! Haha ... 9! So many for a blog address!

    3. Wow! That was SO easy. So, I changed mine to imfindingout.blogspot.com. And I created a new blog at the old name that simply redirects people to the new location. I wonder if you want to do that so if people actually know your web address they don't get confused. Ok, Happy Olympics!

    4. Oh, haha. One more thing. You might want to go ahead and CLAIM the blog with your name. For example, I have claimed katherineashbaugh.blogspot.com, just in case, I want the name to be super simple in the future. You can't find that blog, because I don't have it open to the public, but it is in my possession. Does that make sense? Ok, now bye for real! :)

    5. I really like that new name! Shifting to less words was one of the reasons I opted for a different name as well. I'm glad you found it so easily. And THANK YOU for that advice! My husband and I were discussing a redirecting page and then I read your email. So smart and I just took care of it, plus saving my name as a blog too. Have a wonderful weekend with your family :)

    6. p.s. if you have tagged anything on Pinterest from your previous blog address, then when you click the 'pin', it redirects to your prior blog page, but without explanation of where your blog has gone. So I made a simple image to add to my old blog so that no matter what readers can find the new location.


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