Easter Sunday

April 21, 2014

Yesterday was beautiful in so many ways, which filled my heart with abounding joy. This was husband's and my first Easter together as a married couple. And as we have done with the previous holidays when our marriage began, we have been putting our own touches on holiday traditions to make them our own. So, we opted to host Easter festivities at our home this year, and truly it couldn't have been more enjoyable to put a menu of tasty foods together, decorate our home with spring touches, arrange flowers to fill the counter with color and a floral scent, and to have our people in one place. 

Our day started out at church, and my word was it a message full of impactful reminders of the sacrifice our Lord made for us. I was soaking in every single word and letting them all stir in my heart as I fully emerged myself in the glory of the resurrection. My heart is still singing!

After church, family gathered at our house for egg hunting, food munching, cornhole playing, and back deck conversing. Birds were chirping, the temperature was warm, and the flowers were in full bloom. Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better Easter celebration. It was a thrill to be able to host such a special day and to bring our families together. It's true in saying that husband and I had so much fun preparing and on Easter, that once everyone had departed ways we were brainstorming our next chance to have people over to entertain. Can't holidays happen a little more often?? 

I hope you and yours had a beautiful and happy Easter too! Here's our Easter from last year!