Up & Down The Mountain We Go + A Short Film

May 7, 2014

Remember the hike I posted about on Monday?? Well, I am so excited to now share film footage from that hiking adventure! I love photos, but I completely adore live video and the way in which it can be put together to capture an entire event in minutes. Really what's better than having photos of the experience...for me, it's the movie to go along with it. There's something very sentimental about film. I know that one of my happy things in life is to watch the home movies my mom took of our family as a child. Through them I am able to see a part of my life that I have no memory of. And that's my purpose in filming even the little things in life. Because one day I will have a collection of videos, mini films, etc to look back on and to share with my own children. I'll stop being sappy now, but only so that you can finally watch the video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

[Music: Goin' Up the Country by Canned Heat]
To see this video and others I've made, visit my Vimeo site.