Happy Heart! [by Shay Shull]

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Today Mix and Match Mama, Shay Shull, shares her list of happy heart items. And it can't make you feel any happier about summer and the coming fall! Check out both of her blogs, here & here!

happy heart delights...
  • eating cherry popsicles after a family walk
  • the sound of my kiddos laughing as they run through a sprinkler
  • the first sign of fall boots and sweaters appearing in store windows
  • the Pottery Barn back-to-school catalog showing up at my house
  • a good show on Netflix that I just can't stop binge watching
  • eating dinner on the patio
  • drinking coffee and reading my Bible early in the morning when the house is quiet
  • the way my kids always smell like chlorine and sunshine this time of year

2 comments on "Happy Heart! [by Shay Shull]"
  1. Just found your blog through Shay and I'm so excited your from Virginia too! I'm from Richmond. Very cute blog! I'll have to poke around some more! :-)

    1. Hi Sarah! So nice to connect with other Virginia 'locals' and I'm happy you've found the blog! Hope you stay awhile!


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