Happy Heart!

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Because there are so many small and wonderful bits of joy in life, I decided another Happy Heart! list was a must. And why not start off the week with a list of things that make my heart squeal with happiness?? 

happy heart delights...
  • husband's deep, raspy morning voice
  • collecting new fall d├ęcor for my home 
  • rainy Saturday mornings, sitting on the couch next to husband with hot chocolate in hand
  • holding itty bitty newborn babes
  • hosting dinner parties or any kind of party
  • cooking cozy comfort food
  • freshly painted nails
  • hints of fall in late summer (check out those red leaves peaking through all the green in the photo above)

Throughout the rest of the summer and year I'll be opening up the blog to others to share their Happy Heart 8's. If you're interested in sharing your list send an email to [hillcollectionblog@gmail.com]. To see my other Happy Heart's check here and here

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