Hill Family Photos 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Back when the fall just started, husband and I decided we wanted to document life together every year with professional photos. Because how cool would it be to see us grow from just the two of us to  the two of us with our future babies. We want to document this life we have together. And since we have photos from our engagement in the spring of 2013 and our wedding photos from fall 2013, it made perfect sense to start this new tradition this fall. And we did just that with Natalie Gibbs Photography

They turned out beautifully and I can't wait to get my favorites up on our walls! If you'd like to take peak keep scrolling...

Thanks again Natalie for a little fall fun and memories that have been turned into sweet keepsakes!

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2 comments on "Hill Family Photos 2014"
  1. Astleigh these are fantastic! I think you will need to hang one of each ;)

  2. Natalie took some wonderful photos, but she def. had the benefit of having such photogenic models! ;)

    rae of love from berlin


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