2014 || The 1st Six Months

Monday, December 29, 2014
I just don't have words for how fast 2014 has gone. I really can't believe that we're only two days away from the start of a new year. Seriously, how have twelve months have come and gone?! 

This year has been so full of blessings, challenges, growth, learning, friendships, family, etc. I could keep going, but I'm sure you get my point. We've come so far in 2014, and I feel certain that the new year upon us is going to be a fabulous new chapter for the Hills. We're truly looking forward to beginning this new journey, and feel that the Lord has big plans for us. The two of us are thrilled to follow where He takes us. But, first I want to take a look back on our year. To stroll down memory lane and take in some of my very favorite moments from 2014. For now, I'm sharing January through June, and tomorrow July through December will be posted. Care to enjoy some blasts from the past with me??

We kicked off the new year is style with our friends. Husband and I got the idea to turn the side of our staircase into a cityscape, complete with dangling stars. At the start of January husband and I decided to go healthy with our meals. We were really great at it for the first three months of 2014. And well, the rest is history. I also decided to start #adayinthelife214 on my Instagram account, where I made sure to share at least one photo for every single day of the year. I think I missed a day or two; not bad considering there are 365 days in a single year. And just like I will for 2015, I shared my goals for the year. Rounding out January, I turned 24 and we celebrated on the slopes.

The biggest thing I remember in February was the snow. It fell from the sky in heaps and gave us plenty of snowdays. The two of us celebrated our first married Valentine's Day (in the snow). We hiked to a frozen waterfall (also in the snow). Toward the end of the month we visited Louisville, Kentucky, and we ate like kings, visited the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and toured Churchill Downs. Husband also made me a beautiful box to display the succulents my sister got me. And during all that snow, I revamped the blog and gave it a makeover!

March was a simple month for us. We started the month off in the Smoky Mountains with friends. I made some knock-your-socks-off cinnamon rolls, I crafted a door wreath for the coming of a new season, and we gladly welcomed the springtime
April was good to us! First we celebrated our six month wedding anniversary, then we had a night out to watch Hokie baseball. A backyard BBQ was just what the warmer weather called for. With family we rejoiced on Easter. I admitted that running just isn't my thing. And at the end of the month we announced that we were opening an Etsy Shop!

Sweet May began with camping in my parents' backyard. Then we hiked a mountain with some of our favorite people. I came up with some twists on a classic julep. Husband and I contemplated buying a house. Toward the end of the month we attended my cousin's wedding, hung out at one of the best spots, picked more strawberries than we could count, and celebrated Memorial Day.

We discovered a new favorite summertime drink at the beginning of the month. I shared a short film I made from my cousin's wedding back in May. I let you in on some tidbits about myself and even some of my quirky 'isms'. I experienced a quarter-life crisis. And at the end of the month we camped at the beach and visited Washington, DC (yes, husband even watched a ballet performance with me!).

Next up, the last six months of 2014....!

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