DIY Valentine's Décor

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away, and typically I wait until the last minute to prepare (shame on me!), but this year I'm getting ready early. We don't go all out with Valentine's decorations, however I'm sure that will change a bit when we have littles. 

For now though it's fun to subtly spruce up the house for the couple of weeks before the heart-shaped day. I like simplicity, and I also love a good DIY. So I went to work on a few fun ways to spread some Valentine's cheer. And what better way than with some pom poms?!

First pick out your preferred yarn. I went with some classic Valentine's colors, and opted to pick a mixed color for the pink to bring in some textural differences.

You can make these large pom poms a couple of ways. You can wrap the yarn around your middle and pointer fingers, set about two inches apart, keeping the end of the yarn securely between your pointer finger and thumb.

You can also use a pasta spoon and use the same technique. 

With either method, you'll wrap the string around 40 times.  
Then gently remove from your fingers or the pegs. 

With another piece of yarn (that you have precut) lay it
perpendicular and in the middle of the yarn you have just wound.

Then tie it very tight to secure it. 

Another method would  be to have your husband rig you something up like this. 
Again, same techniques just different instrument.

Once you have tied the middle of the wound string, use a pair of scissors to cut the loops (found at both ends of your tied yarn). Your pom pom will start to take a round shape the more loops that you cut. 

Once you have cut all of the loops, you will need to go back and trim your pom pom to make sure all of the pieces of yarn are the same length. Then rub the pom pom gently in between your hands to fluff it up. 

Lastly, using a needle and thick thread. Strand the pom poms together. Then hang them wherever your heart desires!

The pom poms make a great pop or color while adding a little holiday glam to your home in a subtle way! Plus they're easy to make, and a great activity to with your family or friends!

Husband and I are now offering strands of miniature pom poms in our Etsy shop! For now we have the Valentine's themed pom poms, but more colors will be appearing soon! Be sure to take a look! 

7 comments on "DIY Valentine's Décor"
  1. Those are adorable!!! I love them! I can't wait to decorate for Valentine's Day. We'll probably do it this weekend. The kids LOVE to help so it usually takes an entire day! ;)

    1. Thank you! They are such a simple way to spruce up a room for any holiday! Have so much fun with you kids decorating!!

  2. These are too cute, Astleigh!! I need one....but I need it longer....about 7.5 feet...could you do that? I am emailing you :)

    Jacquelyn - Crooked Creek Colonial

    1. I can definitely do that! Later today I'll be adding a longer strand option to our Etsy Shop, so be sure to check back!! Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  3. These are so cute! I want to make some for our home and upcoming birthday parties- so glad saw your tutorial!

    1. Thanks! I think they'd be great for any type of decorating!


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