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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
It has been nothing but super cold temperatures and snow here in Virginia. I've welcomed the snow days, the midday cat naps, and the extra time with husband on weekdays that we wouldn't normally get otherwise. 

The past two days have had me reflecting on 2015 and all that's happened in the last month and half. (I still can't believe we are halfway through February). It's been an incredible year so far and I'm thankful for all the memories we've already made. So I decided that I would share some photos of moments that have happened since late January through know some snippets of life lately according to my iPhone. 

and if you want to see more snippets, find me on instagram @astleigh_hill

5 comments on "Snippets Of Life Lately"
  1. Great pics!!!! But I have to admit, I think i'm over the snow and cold. Bring on the warmer temps and flip flops!! How much snow did y'all get? I think we have anywhere from 10-12 inches!

    1. I'm so ready for the warmer weather too!! We got 8 inches and more is supposed to fall today!

  2. You have my heart with all those photos of Starbucks alone! :)

  3. beautiful- as always! we have the same ikea rug- love it so much. and love your wood pile! {we also have boxwood wreaths up indoors and have a gray bench at our kitchen table- we are scary #styletwins} :) hope your week is going well!


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