The Pick: Week 24

Friday, June 19, 2015
Happy, happy, happy Friday!! It's just a half a day at work, and then hello weekend! Husband and I will be heading to my hometown this afternoon to celebrate my little sister's birthday. And tonight we'll be enjoying the Festival Around Town, an annual fair that has taken place in the center of town since I was a tot. I'm so excited to gobble up a funnel cake and fresh squeezed lemonade. There's nothing like it. If you're weekend doesn't include funnel cakes...well I guess I'll have to eat one for you. Just kidding (but really...this pregnancy thing is no joke!)!

So I have question for all you bloggers. On Monday I shared my hour by hour weekend with you. The post was not only fun for me, but you all really liked it (thank you!). Some of you even mentioned doing a post just like it on your blog. Now for the question...what if I start a link-up for the first Monday of every month where we link-up and share our hour by hour weekend? Does that sound like something you'd want to do? Who would join? Leave a comment or send me an email and let me know what you think! On Monday I'll let know if we'll kick this link-up off!

Also, if you missed it last night on ABC, you must check out Astronaut Wives Club. It's SO good!

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4 comments on "The Pick: Week 24 "
  1. Enjoy your weekend away – no place like home and I love going any chance I get! We were out last night so Astronaut Wives Club is sitting in my DVR & I can’t wait to watch – so glad you thought it was good.

  2. Yes yes to the link-up!! Have a fun weekend at home!

  3. I'd totally be in for the link-up!!... but you're going to have to teach me how to do it :) #newbloggerproblems. I LOVED that post!

  4. I'd be on board for the link-up! That would force me to really make sure I got my pictures taken!


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