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Thursday, July 2, 2015
I have a love affair with holidays. I think it's a combination of the décor, festivities, cheerfulness, and people they bring together. Independence Day is no exception in this home. And for this particular holiday, I prefer subtle and simple touches to make my house feel just festive enough without feeling over the top. Because at some point you can definitely use too much red, white, and blue :) 

I love texture and variation when it comes to home décor, and the same applies to my holiday decorations. My theme for the 4th of July was simplicity. So I pulled some red and blue books from my bookshelf and stacked them into a pile to give some height to my mini apothecary jar, which I filled with patriotic M&M's. Then I added a candle holder and white candle. To add a little extra of the red, I used ribbon I had from last year and tied it around the apothecary jar.

As for the sign, that was an over-the-weekend thought that got finished yesterday afternoon. We have a lot of scrap wood in the garage, and I decided I wanted to make some sort of sign to add to my décor. With some stain and a little handiwork, I turned this scrap of wood (that was in the burn pile) into a festive addition to my tabletop décor. It cost me nothing, and I love when I can put something together for free (so does husband!). I'm telling you, use what you have! It will surprise you what you can make of it! 

The one place I always decorate is my console table. I've got a staple apothecary jar sitting on the left side, and I'm constantly putting different decorative pieces in it for each season and holiday. In this instance I put some star garland that I found at Michaels in it. Currently, Michaels 4th of July décor is 60%, which means I scored two strands of this garland at 79 cents each! Now is the time to grab some of their patriotic décor! You can use it this year, or save it for next year.

To add a little more pop of patriotic color, I added these dyed flowers, which I found at Kroger on Manager's Special. I'm all about a good deal, and these decorations were certainly found on stellar deals. 

My burlap bunting was something I made last year using burlap from our wedding reception, twine, and paint. I strung some along the console table, as well as a shorter strand across my fireplace (not pictured). It adds a sweet touch of color and some festiveness to the console table. And without over-doing it with decorations, my table looks ready for Independence Day. 

This flag was another idea that came to me over the weekend. Again, with all the scrap wood lying around, I knew I could find something to make from it. So a flag it was. I used these strips of wood to make the bulk of the flag. Husband cut down the sides and nailed them together for me. Notice the wave on the right side of the flag; that was just how the wood lined up. Remember, this is scrap wood, so it had already been cut. I liked that it gave it the blowing-in-the-wind look, so I insisted we leave it as is and not straighten it out.

Next came adding the stars. Husband made a wire grid for me, and we attached some stars that were cut out from more scrap material. It's the perfect rustic piece and is a complete original as far as its design. And I do love having something unique. This beaut made its way to the top of our bookcase, which you can see in some of the above photos.

Like I said, my 4th of July décor was all about subtlety and simplicity. I used a lot of what I already had and added some really inexpensive pieces to make it complete!

And check out my red, white, and blue floral DIY wreath hanging on my front door for this patriotic holiday!

Now it's your turn! Share with Rachel and I how you decorated for this upcoming patriotic holiday! I can't wait to see how you spruced up your home for a little 4th of July fun! Just grab the button below, add it to your post, and link-up!!

p.s. We'll be linking up again in two weeks to share mocktail and cocktail recipes! Mark your calendars!! 

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9 comments on "Every Girl Link-Up || 4th of July Décor"
  1. Looks great, girl!! Forgot about the linkup! You know i love to decorate for the holidays!

    1. Thanks, lady! If you put a post up, you could totally link up in the next couple of days :)

  2. So simple and fun! That flag though...adorable!

  3. Beautiful photos!
    I am crazy about your two new signs! I love the gray stain on the first piece--and did you buy a stencil for it or find one online?
    The flag is beautiful! I would love to make one like it next year. :)

    1. Thanks, gal! I feel the same way about your photos!
      I made the stencil/transfer from scratch, a favorite of mine to do! I use fonts that I've collected over the years and place the wording just how I want it. Then I print it out, create a stencil/transfer of sorts with a trick I learned in college, and free hand the coloring in part.

  4. Your decor always looks great! While I would love to decorate for all the holidays I finally figured out why I only put things out for Christmas...I hate to clean, dust, etc. lol!

  5. I absolutely adore your flag, the chicken wire with stars is fabulous!

  6. You are so crafty! All of the stuff you put together looks like you could go buy it in a home store! Mine looks like an unsupervised kindergartner did it! I love the M&Ms as decor, I'm a huuge M&M fan. :)


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