Oh Baby! || Week 20

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Halfway there!! Wow, that went fast! And I can only imagine how fast the rest of the pregnancy will go! Every single day I think about meeting this sweet girl, and to say I'm excited is even an understatement! Husband and I talk about this growing babe constantly, sharing our dreams and hopes for her. Most importantly we pray for her, her future and her present, that she would know the Lord and follow him always, that His will for her life be done. We feel extremely blessed to get to be her parents. 

How far along? In the 20th week 

Baby's Size: A banana || about 6.5 inches (from head to rump) and about 10.2 ounces 

Gender: Baby girl! 

Baby Fact: She's got working taste buds (hopefully she's won't be a picky eater!). 

Weight Gain: 3ish pounds

Baby's Movement: Baby girl is a wiggle worm, and I love every bit of it. The only exception is the low blows she gives to my bladder. I could do without those, but otherwise I love feeling all of her movement. She's most active at night (let's hope this isn't a habit!), and she loves to give me random kicks and squirms throughout the day. In fact she's kicking me as I write this post! And lastly, she's not quite strong enough to give a kick that her daddy can feel, but soon!

Maternity Clothes: I'm searching for more! All you ladies out there with this experience, where were your favorite places to find maternity clothes?! 

Sleep: I'm back to variable sleeping. Oh yeah, and those nightly bathroom breaks are here to stay. They aren't going anywhere. 

Symptoms: Indigestion is the worst when I lay down. Headaches haven't been as often, but backaches and feeling uncomfortable quicker than normal are commonplace. 

Cravings: You guessed it, I love having something to drink. Ice water is awesome, and I've been loving juice too or anything with a crunchy/icy texture. I've got my sweet tooth back and more than before. I try not to indulge every time I get the urge for sweetness, but I don't deprive myself either ;) 

Miss Anything? Wearing my normal clothes. I'd say 80% of my clothes don't fit anymore, whether it be my belly or my chest being too big. 

Best Moment This Week: Soaking in Epsom salt to relax my body. It was just nice to kick back in warm water and not worry about anything for a bit.

Worst Moment This Week: While pregnancy is an incredible thing, I have moments of feeling down about my body. I love seeing my bump grow, I really do. But, it would dishonest to say that coping with all the body changes going on is easy. It's far from it. I'm not adjusting as easily to my growing body, and it doesn't help that my hormones are all over. Like, let's all sit and cry because my pre-pregnancy wardrobe is a thing of the past for the rest of the year. So silly, but such a daily feel for me right now. 

Looking Forward To: Our crib arriving!!  

How's Husband? He is looking forward to feeling our nugget move! He's been sweet to let me relax and give me back rubs. I love hearing him talk about the things we'll do together as a family of three and the things he will do with just her. It's heart melting kind of stuff. 

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And a big congrats to Erin W. for winning the buffalo check booties!! I'll be sending you an email shortly!! 

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14 comments on "Oh Baby! || Week 20"
  1. You look so cute!! Yay for halfway!! I know it's hard to see your body change and have nothing fit right, but on the bright side, you get to wear stretchy pants for Thanksgiving - lol!!!!

    1. Thanks, lady! And yes to those stretchy pants for Thanksgiving! Bring on the feasting!

  2. Embrace your changing body...you're growing a human! I loved getting bigger while I was pregnant and enjoyed maternity clothes (have you discovered maternity leggings yet?? The best!)...until the swelling began in the home-stretch. The harder part for me was embracing my post-baby body and adjusting my wardrobe for breastfeeding. It's all a part of the beautiful journey of motherhood.

    1. It's such a miraculous thing that a woman's body can grow a baby! I do feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. I have tried one pair of maternity leggings, but I think they are a size too big. However, they still work, I just think I need more bump to fill them out!

  3. Yay for halfway!
    The most active at night thing, that's probably going to stick around for the first few weeks of her being born too;) but it gets better!

    1. That's good to know! I'll be prepared for that now!

  4. Looking good mama! I loved Old Navy and Gap and Target for maternity clothes and with sales all the time you wont be spending too much on clothes you only need for a short season. If you like thrifting Goodwill has a surprising amount of maternity clothes. Those feelings of 'mourning' over your body and clothes is all too real when youre going through it, hope you feel better.

    1. Those are my go-to places right now! And thanks, all the changes are amazing and incredible, but they also require some adjustment for sure!

  5. HALFWAY!! :) :) You are looking amazing!
    I'm glad your sweet tooth is back :)
    I shopped at Target mostly for maternity.
    I don't know if by indigestion, you mean acid reflux, but I have a couple tips for that if you need, because mine got pretty bad during pregnancy.

    1. I can't believe I'm halfway, it's crazy! And give me all your tips for acid reflux! It can get so bad at night when I lay down!

  6. I bought most of my maternity clothes at target & old navy! :) I loved maternity clothes they were so cute & comfy!
    I used a heating pad on the lowest setting for my low back pain during pregnancy when it got really bad! It helped!

    You have the cutest little bump going on! YAY for the 1/2 way there!! :)


    1. I love the stretchy waists on my maternity pants and think I'll probably wear them a good bit when I'm not pregnancy ;) I use a heating pad too and it's been great for the lower back pain! I'm thinking about bringing it to work with me! And thank you, I love watching this bump/my girl grow!


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