Tea For Two

Monday, September 21, 2015
Oh, friends I can't believe this weekend has come and gone! But it didn't pass by without a very magical afternoon. Baby girl and I were thrown our first shower on Saturday afternoon and did we ever feel loved. The tea party hosted by my sister-in-law Amy was nothing short of a fairytale, complete with china, sugar cubes, pearls, and a slow bristling fire in the background. 

The details were incredible, the weather perfection, and the people some of our favorites. It couldn't have been a lovelier day even if it tried. One thing is for certain, I'll be having plenty of tea parties with my girl, her aunt(s), and little friends over the years. Because there's something so wonderful about tea time, tiny foods, and heartfelt conversations. 

I wish I could share this day with you, invite you to rewind time and join me. With all the elements perfectly orchestrated out by God, the afternoon left me feeling transported into my very own wonderland laden with dresses, pumpkins, teapots, and cups full of piping hot tea. 

To open the shower, Amy set up one of the cutest activities for the guests to enjoy, a ribbon-making table. The ladies crafted my girl some of the sweetest hair bows, and I can't wait to try them on her tiny, little head. Don't you just love this idea?!

From the miniature cucumber sandwiches to the raspberry topped-tarts, the food was scrumptious and perfect for tea time! 

In between munching delicately on our tea sandwiches and scones, there were parenting stories shared, presents opened, laughter had, and a round of the sweetest prayer. My girl and I (plus her daddy) were prayed over through the remainder of the pregnancy, birth, into childhood, and through adulthood. You've never heard such heartfelt words being lifted up to the Lord. Baby Hill has some amazing women to look up to, ones that will point her to God, encourage her, and love her well. That makes my heart overflow with joy. Little one, you are going to love this family of ladies. 

I can't say enough 'thank yous' to Amy! You threw one wonderful shower for baby girl and I. I couldn't have swooned over it more (can we do it all again?!). I'm so thankful for our friendship and sisterhood and that we get to do so much of life together. I know baby girl is going to love her Auntie A like crazy, and I so look forward to introducing you two!

8 comments on "Tea For Two"
  1. How stinkin' beautiful is this shower?! Girl, it looked absolutely perfect! I love the headband making idea and the decor was so adorable! It looks like you had the best time! You deserve it!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. What a beautiful shower! Also, LOVING your dress... You must share where it is from! My friend recently announced she is pregnant and it would be perfect for her!

  3. I am loving this theme! So dainty, perfect for a little girl!

  4. Such a beautiful shower & tea party! Amy did a great job!
    You look so pretty, and I am loving your dress!
    Baby girl is going to have some cute headbands :)

  5. Such a lovely shower! And I adore the little pumpkin among the tablescape :) Happy Baby Shower, Astleigh!

  6. What makes throwing such a pretty shower so fun for the host is when the guest of honor appreciates all the love and care! What a sweet thank you this blog post is to Amy! Glad the day was so wonderful! :)

  7. Beautiful decorations for your baby shower! But like you said, even more beautiful are the people and the prayers shared with you! Such great memories being made already!

  8. Confession: I totally want a tea party baby shower and no I'm not pregnant. I just love tea parties. It looks like you and your little one are very loved


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