Harvest Baby Shower

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Loved. And loved well. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of baby girl and myself. Her arrival is surrounded by so much excitement and joy that it could make my heart burst! Over the weekend, my sister and mama threw me a Harvest baby shower to honor this tiny gal that will be joining us (and so soon!). 

The shower was as sweet as it was charming. And if you know me, you know the love I have for fall (let's home baby girl does too), making this shower right up my alley. From the décor and the food, to the chilly temperatures and house full of family, I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Details are my love language, and I I can't get enough of the smallest touches. This shower wasn't short on those, giving my parents' house the coziest, autumn vibes. Originally, my sister had planned the shower for outside on the great, side porch my parents have. However, Saturday showed up chilly in the low 50's with a breeze. Ain't nobody sitting out in that for an extended amount of time!

So inside it was moved, and despite that last minute change, it all went flawless. Family from all over gathered around to play baby games, eat delicious food, and shower baby girl and myself with the most thoughtful gifts and words.

Don't you just love the centerpiece?! My sister did a great job arranging it, and I'll be sharing the tutorial for making that fabulous, glitter mason jar in the coming weeks! 

Spice cake pops for the win! There was also an apple dipping station, cheese balls, maple pumpkin trail mix, sweet n' sour meatballs, ham and cheese rolls, veggies, hot cider, and sparkling cranberry lime juice. 

Baby things just give me all the feels, and couldn't you just die over this wool swaddle?! Baby girl is going to be precious wrapped up in it! 

The size of the baby clothes makes me swoon too. Nothing could be sweeter than those teeny tiny oneies...well except for her in them!

One of my cousins put together the sweetest, themed gift. And one of her themes was "mini Astleigh." So while the below picture is not the most flattering picture of me, I had to share because look what I'm holding.....a miniature Starbucks cup. #likemotherlikedaughter  I can't wait to go on all the Starbucks dates with my girl! 

At the very end of the shower my grandmother (to the left of husband in the photo) insisted that he come out to open his own gift. She had gone out and picked this baby outfit specifically for him. It reads, 'Daddy's Alarm Clock.' Yes, Grandmom, you nailed it! But, what I want to know is if that excludes her from being my alarm clock too?! ;)

And here are the two hostesses with the most(esses). My mama and sister put on such a lovely shower and I couldn't be more thankful for the time, thought, and energy they put into it. I know both of them love this girl beyond words already, and she's going to be one spoiled nugget. Thank you mama/insert grandmother name here (we're still deciding) and Aunt Rynie (Lauryn's aunt name) for making the two of us feel so loved and treasured!

And this post wouldn't be complete without a photo of the three of us :) Gosh, I'm one very lucky gal!

7 comments on "Harvest Baby Shower"
  1. What a lovely shower! I am loving your outfit and your hair. And you look sooo happy! I'm so excited for you!

  2. What a beautiful shower. Love all the sweet details!!! That red looks wonderful on you!

  3. K seriously your shower was PERFECT!!!!! I love details, too, so all of those detials (especially that garland, omg) are so cute and perfect for the fall season! 50's!!!!! haha that's literally as cold as it gets in AZ (we were in 100's last week, what the heck) so I'm kinda jealous of your weather :) Congrats on your cute baby! (I'm new here so I know it's late but still congrats!!) Love the last picture of you guys, Just imagine family of 3 pictures when baby girl has arrived!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. Such sweet "harvest" details. Your mom and sister are so supportive and loving and you guys all look exactly alike.

  5. Love that you shared your shower on your blog. Everything looked wonderful. High 5's to your mom and sister. I'm so happy for you and Pete.

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