Monday, January 25, 2016
Today I celebrate turning 26 years old! I'm now out of my young twenties, past the midway mark, and in my late twenties. Ya'll, I'm on the closer end of the stick to 30 (it can't be so!). However, 26 does have a nice ring to it. You know, a bit wiser, more mature, and legit ;)

In honor of my birthday/turning twenty-six, I thought I would share 26 facts about myself...

  • I love a latte over regular coffee any day. But, if I'm drinking coffee it needs enough creamer to be blonde.
  • I insist on drinking water with ice cream. Nothing else will do.
  • I have two middle names.
  • I don't mind folding laundry, but I hate putting it away.
  • Same for the dishwasher, I'd rather load it than put the clean dishes away.
  • I now have more fun buying baby clothes than clothes for myself.
  • Motherhood is my biggest dream come true.
  • I'd love to learn calligraphy.
  • I would love to be the author of a beautiful coffee table book.
  • The first movie that ever made me cry was Marley and Me. I was 18.
  • I don't like my food to touch. And I really don't like it when the juice of one food floods into another food. No thank you.
  • Husband and I got married in a city that I had never been to before.
  • As a kid I dipped my green beans in ketchup.
  • My senior year I was voted prom queen.
  • I have two college degrees (Psychology and English).
  • I'm a Mac over Windows kind of girl.
  • I love sweet tea, but had never had it until I was 17. My first sip was at a Mexican restaurant.
  • I've never been one to fall asleep quickly at night, but ever since baby I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I wonder why?
  • I was really very nervous about breastfeeding and it feeling odd. Then I tried it, and it was natural instantly. 
  • My top three flowers: ranunculus, hydrangeas, and peonies 
  • My wedding dress was the first one I tried on. Love at first fit.
  • I have a slight obsession love for copper.
  • I've driven a Jeep for the last 10 years.
  • I don't want pets. Husband thinks one of our children will convince me otherwise.
  • I don't hear my (southern) accent, but others not from this area do. 
  • It snowed on the day I was born.

7 comments on "Twenty-Six!!"
  1. Happy Birthday! Such a fun post! I also love drinking water when eating ice cream. Thanks for sharing some tid-bits about yourself!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Love all your facts! I had to turn OFF Marley and Me because I was WEEPING uncontrollably - I can't do pet movies for this reason. Which also goes along with your note about not wanting pets. I also don't want pets for that very reason. I had them growing up and was too traumatized when they died!! Hope you have a wonderful, special day with your beautiful family!! xo

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I loved reading these facts :) I would love to publish a book too! When I read your posts, I just think of how we would be friends in real life if we lived nearby. Ha!

  4. Awwwww happy birthday! Enjoy your sweet baby today :) Hope you enjoy it! And i'm with you and Kylie, I huge dream of mine would be to publish a book!

  5. I hate when my food touches too! And I also need creamer in my coffee. With all the super cute baby girl clothes I see all the time, I'm sure if I had a girl I'd be more into shopping for her than for me!

    Happy birthday! I'm sure it'll be a great one with baby and hubby!

  6. Happy Birthday! Can't believe you and my oldest daughter are almost the same age. I still feel 28 in my mind! Ha! I'm a Mac girl too and cannot stand to have my food touch. I think I have worked so hard on masking my Texas drawl but when I hear myself on a video I'm always shocked.


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