Red, White & Pink || Valentine's Décor

Monday, February 8, 2016
If you've been around the blog long enough you know that I love celebrating the holidays and making them special. Valentine's Day is no exception, and I love the excuse to use pops of bright pink around the house! I stick with fairly traditional touches for this holiday, keeping it simple and charming. 

This year I opted for shades of red and pink, with some white and black to keep the décor from being overwhelming. Come on inside the #HillHouse for a look at our Valentine's décor! And if you're a blogger, link up at the bottom of the post with Rachel and I to share your V-day decorating.

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add flair and color to seasonal and holiday decorations. My tip is finding them on manager's special at Kroger. You can get more for your buck, and who doesn't love an inexpensive floral arrangement?! Another creative and cheap way to decorate is by filling glass jars and apothecary jars with seasonal and holiday candy. Just be warned that you will eat all of the candy, and most likely before the holiday even arrives ;) 

Another favorite of mine is filling apothecary jars with ornaments. I found these on a great deal at Michael's. My tip is to combine textures to give the look depth. Here I went for shine and glitter.

Last year I made these Valentine's pom poms. They're a super simple DIY project that brings a lot of pizazz to holiday décor! And check out that sweet baby swinging in the background!

One of my biggest decorating tips is to use what you have. I make sure that I pick a cover for each of my Chatbooks that could be used for different times of the year, whether it be for the seasons or the holidays. It's an easy way to decorate without spending more money!

Recently we added a coffee bar to our kitchen, and it's been fun to decorate it. The chalkboard above it is always "decorated" with text and drawings for holidays and other occasions.

If you're looking for a simple craft to do with kiddos, try cutting out strips of construction paper, folding them into hearts, punching a hole in each side, and running jute through them for garland.

Again, use what you have. I took left over scrap paper and made a tiny banner to run in my boxwood wreaths. 

So there's my simple Valentine's décor! I hope you enjoyed! 

p.s. Be sure to head to Instagram for the weekly challenges that Rachel and I are kicking off today!

6 comments on "Red, White & Pink || Valentine's Décor"
  1. Simply beautiful!!! Love the tulips, garland and coffee bar especially 💓 Target had the cutest pieces as well but I had to be good!

  2. I'm going to have to make the pom garland to hang in our playroom!

  3. Your fresh tulips are beautiful!
    I love the glitter heart ornaments, your garland, and that sweet baby swinging in the background :) :)

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