TFF + The Pick No. 8

Friday, February 26, 2016
Hello Friday, you are certainly a welcome sight! We have no plans for this weekend, and sometimes that's just how I like it, making it up as we go. This week has been full of coffee and lots of baby snuggles. Okay, well what week isn't full of those two things?!

Greer had her 2-month shots, and I'm not sure who it was harder or her. So we've been extra cuddly this week to make up for it. I finally got myself out and about for a walk with one of my friends, and it felt great. My legs have been sore since, and I'm enjoying the post-workout ache I've been feeling. It has me motivated to start working my way back into exercising. It will be gradual, mostly because I'm nervous about over-extending myself and this new scar I tote. But, soon enough I'll be working out like it ain't no thing. Till then you can find me walking and strolling my baby.

T H I N K I N G  > About spring. The weather has been so back and forth, between snow and rain and temperatures in the 60s then down in the 30s. I'm over it. I'm ready for all things spring, the clothes, the décor, the weather.

P O N D E R I N G > A new blog series! More next week!

N E E D I N G > Some new jeans! Hello, mom bod ;) 

L I S T E N I N G > To Joshua Radin. If you haven't heard him, check him out.

D R E A M I N G > Of uninterrupted sleep. #oneday #momlife

S W O O N I N G > Over a house that we can't afford. A girl can dream and oggle though, can't she??

p.s. come back next week for the nursery reveal! 

Have the best weekend! Catch me #weekending on Instagram! xo

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7 comments on "TFF + The Pick No. 8"
  1. Can't wait to see the nursery and excited to hear if you go with a new blog series. I am going out of town this weekend with a friend and I cannot wait for a night of uninterrupted sleep- such a treat! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!
    I'm so excited to see Greer's nursery :)

  3. love all of this!! ... and and can totally relate!
    1. coffee and snuggles- my favs.
    2. as of 1pm today- i am cleared to start moving again, too!!
    3. sleep. how awesome would a night away in a hotel be- of course we would miss the babes!!
    4. can't even wait for the new series!
    5. but even more- her special nursery!! love the sneak peeks

    have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. ps: i love joshua radin!!! and madewell had some amazing jeans! :)

  4. Can't wait to see the nursery! Enjoy getting out more for a little fresh air and exercise. Have a super weekend.

  5. I love Joshua Radin! Can't wait to hear about the new series!

  6. Thanks for hosting. Just a quick post to say "hi," and let you know that I dropped by for the first time. Wishing you an your family an incredible week!


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