Mama Mash-Up

March 9, 2016

Several weeks ago, I shared a sweet photo of Greer snoozing in her crib on Instagram. Fifteen minutes after that photo was taken she woke up and refused to sleep for the remainder of her nap. It felt like a mom fail on two counts: 

1) I couldn't get her to nap in her crib 
2) I had ruined the rest of her nap 

But you all chimed right in and not only made me feel like I hadn't failed, but you made me feel encouraged! So I thought what better way to support each other in this season of life, whether your babies are young or old, than discussing our questions and concerns over all things motherhood?!

So on the second Wednesday of each month, let's get together and chat via the blog comment section, Instagram, and Hill Collection's Facebook page! There is no topic and you don't have to be a blogger! Just share what's on your heart or maybe something you'd like advice on. We can talk amongst ourselves, offering advice, wisdom, and thoughtful words as we journey through one of life biggest (and at times, most challenging) blessings. I know I've always got a listening ear when it comes to motherhood and my sweet babe. So, welcome to Mama Mash-Up! I'm looking forward to chatting!

And the winner of the PinkBlush $50 gift card is Melanie Butler!! Congrats!! Look for an email from me!!