Couch Shopping || My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

July 19, 2016

Sick in the middle of summer. Yes, you heard me correctly. I'm sick. And it sucks. The doctor confirmed Saturday morning that I have a viral illness, which means I just have to wait it out until it clears up on it's own. The head congestion, sore throat, and tiredness are wearing me down. Husband has stayed home the last two days to take care of our girl so that I don't pass it on to her. Being sick as a mama is hard. You carry guilt for not being able to smother those sweet baby cheeks in kisses, and hope they understand why there isn't has much face time as there normally is. I'm hopeful this will pass quickly.

In the meantime, to bide my time, I've been napping, Netflix-ing, and checking out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love a good sale, but I love fall even more, and the N-Sale has all my fall senses going crazy with autumn delight. We're talking booties, vests, throws, and so on. So while I'm nestled on my couch I thought I would share some of my favorite items from the sale! This is a great way to start an early Christmas list, hint hint, Santa ;) If you're a card member you can order now, but if you aren't you'll need to hold out until the 22nd. Not too bad, just three more days!

Now go light a fall candle and let your heart fall in love (see what I did there) with some amazing items! Just click the corresponding numbers below the photos for all the details!

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I hope you found a little something that makes your heart all giddy for autumn! xo
What were have been you Anniversary Sale favorites??

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