Greer-isms || Vol. 1

Thursday, August 31, 2017
The transition from baby to toddler brings so much fun, and I am loving all the new things happening as she approaches her two's. Greer is saying all kinds of things and her big personality is shining right through. She's as vivacious and witty as she is sweet and loving. My girl is a joy and also a hoot. I don't know where she gets some of the stuff she says and does. While other times I know exactly where she gets it from...monkey see, monkey do, y'all (insert cringing and crying while laughing emojis here). Greer is a sponge and soaks everything in, even when we think she isn't.

Honestly, I cannot get enough of her. And I really don't want to forget these things. So I'm starting a new series to document my girl's quirks and sayings and thoughts. Welcome to first post of Greer-isms!

M: What's your baby's name?
G: Greer!
M: Well, what's your name?
G: Baby!

G: Bacons!
M: It's ham. Is it good?
G: Mmmm!
**picks up another piece**
G: Bacons!
M: Sure.

Greer trying to get her daddy's attention:
G: Pete. Peeeeter!! (raising her voice the more she says his name)

Anyone, anywhere sneezes (like in the store).
G: Bless you!

A fly buzzes by...
G: Shoo! **followed by giggles**

M: **in a stern voice** Greer Arden Elizabeth!
G: Hill! **followed by a smirk**

M: Who's the light of the world?
G: Jesus Arden Ewisabef (Elizabeth) Hill!
**yes and no. cue the laughter**

Greer trying to open her toy chest and calls out to me:
G: Babes! Babes! Help, please! (Husband calls me babes.)

Greer drops something or someone else drops something:
G: Woosie Daisy!

Cat Pajamas || Pink Bow

Gets her baby doll stroller stuck and can't back it up. In complete frustration, she runs from the living room, into the dining room and around the table, and then back to where I'm sitting in the living room for a complete circle (all the while making a whining noise). Stops and looks up at me and says....

G: Fuss!

I'm glad to know you do in fact understand what it means when I say "fuss." Now let's try to understand what mama means when she says, "No fussing." ;)

Anytime we go through any drive-thru:
G: Fridays?! (what she calls french fries)

Whenever she sees the Starbucks symbol.
G: Coffee! Sip?!

I hope you laughed while reading as much as I did while typing. She's so much fun and a ball of energy and pizazz. We couldn't love her more if we tried!

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A Day Trip To Savannah

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Happy Wednesday! I'm wrapping up vacation with our day trip down to Savannah. Whenever we stay in Hilton Head, we make it a priority to make the hour drive south to Georgia. From the hot pralines, charming homes, and Spanish moss-laden trees, there's nothing not to love. Well, there is the heat. It is HOT. On this adventure to Savannah, we had to work around nap time, which meant a late afternoon-into-the-evening visit. 

River Street was our first stop, mostly for those pralines and view of the water. Because when in Savannah, you must get a fresh praline, and sample as many of the free bites as you can. After our walk, we stopped at The Lady and Sons for dinner (this is Paula Deen's restaurant). It was great, the food selection was definitely southern classics. And while we enjoyed it, we probably wouldn't go back for the sake of trying out other restaurants. But, if you've been wondering about it as a place for dinner, it's worth the stop!

Following dinner, we walked around Forsyth Park to stretch our legs and enjoy the beauty that is this city. Greer loved the freedom to run around in grass (and not sand!).  Fun fact, on our drive to the park, I saw Daniel from Bravo's Southern Charm Savannah. We were driving right next to the sidewalk he was walking down with a friend/a date. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to document it, and I wasn't about to call out of the window of my mini van to get his attention. That was my first "celebrity" siting, and it was pretty cool. Apparently, I'm the type of person to be star-stuck even if they're not a big star. That's something new I learned about myself on this trip ;)

And when it was time to head home, or rather back to Hilton Head, my sweet husband drove me down Jones Street not once but twice so that I could admire all the lovely homes. This street was voted one of the most beautiful streets in North America by Southern Living, and it does not disappoint. If you're ever in the city, make sure to drive down this street. 

I would love to visit Savannah in the cooler months so that I don't melt into a puddle while adventuring through the city. There is so much to do and take in, so it's near impossible to do it all in one visit. You've really got to pick your top things to do/see, and stick to that. One of my must-dos this trip was to visit Paris Market, however, it was closed when we go there, which was a bummer. But, it will be on my must-dos for our next visit, because I'm sure we'll be back! 

Hilton Head Pt. 2

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
It's a rainy, overcast day in Virginia, making this the right time for some sunny photos from our last days on vacation. I can't believe it's been a little over two weeks since we first left for the beach. Time does not slow down, ever. And looking back, I think we went at just the right time. We closed out the summer by the ocean and returned home to kick off fall. 

Like I mentioned, this pink outdoor picnic blanket was a lifesaver, and it's where we typically found Greer while on the beach. Her very favorite thing was to play in buckets full of water. And even better than that, this girl was enamored by all of the sand dollars her daddy kept finding. On Thursday, when the water was at a gentle lull, you could find sand dollars with any step you took in knee-deep water. Personally, I don't like stepping on unknown things with bare feet. It gives me the ebbie jeebies. Husband, however, didn't mind, and thus he was able to navigate through the water and find endless sand dollars.

Fun fact, sand dollars emit an orange dye, which ended up all over Greer's hands. And I'm guessing it's a defense mechanism. I haven't googled it, so I can't say for sure what it is. 

One of husband's favorite parts of the beach is getting fresh blue crabs for dinner. So we've made this a tradition every time we visit the ocean. This year, while Greer napped back at our condo and my mom and sister stayed with her, husband and I made a little day-date to Bluffton, South Carolina, to grab some freshly steamed crabs for dinner that night. You can see our little walk through their downtown in this Instagram post. We ordered the crabs ahead of time and asked for them to be steamed and seasoned. 

Husband's favorite might be the fresh crabs, but this girl's favorite was the pool. She would have stayed all day, every day, if we would have let her. 

Here is the very last day, a girl in the sand without her pink blanket, and smiles by the water. Nothing short of a miracle, that waited to occur until our last day. #gofigure But, I'm so glad she warmed up to both of them, and hopefully the next time we visit she'll be ready to go from the start! Not only did she let mama and daddy take her into the water, but she even let my sister (the last photo). Progress may be slow, but it sure is sweet. 

And that is how we wrapped-up Hilton Head! Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Last Friday (In August) Favorites

Friday, August 25, 2017

Happy almost weekend!! I'm so excited for a weekend at home, simple, peaceful, and relaxed. The weather is supposed to be chilly in the 70's, and that has me over the moon because 1. open windows 2. cool breezes 3. cozy food. As a matter of fact the windows are open now, candles are burning, and we're enjoying a slow morning before lunch with a friend (that photo is my current view). I think this weekend is going to be a good one, just saying.

Before I sign off for the weekend, I wanted to share some favorites I have discovered over the last two weeks. And you don't want to miss these!

  • My sister introduced me to this mascara while we were at the beach, and I cannot get enough! It's amazing and makes my lashes so full. I never thought I would love a mascara with a fluffy brush, but I've been converted. I don't have to use very much to get the voluminous look, and since I am a heavy mascara-wearer, it saves me a lot of time. 
  • Y'all know I love toddler pajamas. Because they are super cute and some days we just prefer to kick it in our jams instead of putting on real clothes. My favorites for Greer have been the two-piece, cotton pajamas from Old Navy. And right now I'm crazy for this festive pair and this four-piece set. pssst....they are 20% off right now!
  • TJMaxx finally has their fall d├ęcor out, and I am loving it! I had to limit myself to two pillows because, well money doesn't grow on trees. Unless of course it does and I just haven't found the money tree. Let me know if you find it ;)
  • My husband has been juicing apples, carrots, and cucumbers in the morning. I know, sounds gross right?! But, I'm happy to support him, especially when he's happy to juice the apples first and leave me some fresh-squeeze apple juice. It. is. the. best.
  • I found a dresser on Craigslist this week, and it was an awesome steal! I'm super excited to share it with you when I reveal Greer's nursery in the next week!! And remember that giveaway I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Well, it has something to do with the nursery reveal! Stay tuned!
  • I have been reading Jen Hatmaker's newest book, Of Mess and Moxie, and I truly love it. I would recommend it to anyone. I have even told my husband he needs to read it! But, really, the book is speaking right to me and it has lifted some "thought burdens" off my shoulders. If you are looking for a good book to cozy up with, let it be this one!

So that does it for me! If you didn't catch the first part of our vacation recap to Hilton Head, you can find it HERE. And be sure to check out a new + AFFORDABLE skin care routine I'm trying out! Happy Friday, loves! xo

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Beauty Regimen On A Budget

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Skin care has been on my radar more than ever, especially when it comes to my face. I'm noticing all the changes to my skin after pregnancy and stint as a postpartum mama, not to mention other factors like sun exposure and age. Not taking care of my skin isn't really an option, so I'm looking into new beauty regimens that best suit me and my lifestyle. We're talking quick, effective, and affordable!

My first go at a new beauty routine is to incorporate multiple different products to achieve the best results. I'm combining an exfoliating scrub, a deep cleanser for those break-out days, facial wipes for eye make-up removal, and a hydrating moisturizer to round it all out.

I'll only be using the Noxzema® Deep Cleansing Cream for the days when blemishes are troublesome. The St. Ives® Apricot Exfoliating Scrub will be a three-times-a-week routine in the shower. It will be best for sloughing off any dull skin and leaving my face feeling renewed and soft. The Simple® Cleansing Facial Wipes along with the Pond's® Skin Cream will be an every night routine as I take off my make-up from the day and hydrate my skin before bed. The facial wipes are amazing at removing mascara while being gentle on my eyelids and eyelashes. They are also great for taking on-the-go if you need a refresh. And if you're like me, your face loves a little moisturizer after taking everything off. So while I will use the cream before bed, I'll also use it after exfoliating too.

Best of all, these four products are all an easy find at Walmart, and they are BUDGET-FRIENDLY, y'all! Head HERE to get straight to a Walmart cart full of these items and check out in a flash! Or if heading into your local Walmart is more your speed, you can find them in the beauty aisles!

Hilton Head Pt. 1

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
The first Hill family vacation is in the books! I'll never understand how a week at the beach goes by so quickly, but y'all, I'm thankful for the time together. We headed out bright and early on a Saturday morning with my mom and sister for time in Hilton Head and a mid-week day trip to Savannah. Husband and I had been talking up the beach and ocean to Greer the week leading up to our departure, and she was SO excited to get there. We were certain she would be over the moon about all the water and the sand. We couldn't have been more wrong about that, and we were shocked by her reaction. 

It took a couple of days for her to warm up to the sand, as in she wouldn't stand on it at all in the beginning. And even then, when she finally gave it a chance, she insisted on wearing her water shoes. Thankfully, we had packed an outdoor blanket I had grabbed in the Target dollar section (it wasn't a dollar, I'm just saying) and she loved standing and playing on it. The material was perfect for sand and water, so I didn't stress about it getting soaked or sandy. And as far as the ocean, girlfriend was. not. having. it. No, m'am. But, two days before we left, the ocean settled into a very calm lull, and I walked right in without her resisting. She ended up loving it with no waves and a gentle bobbing sensation. I think she was pretty proud of herself for conquering that fear. We were proud too :) 

Like any beach vacation calls for, we made sure to indulge in fresh seafood throughout the week. Our first seafood was locally-caught shrimp. Husband manned the kitchen on this one, and I'm thankful he did. This gal doesn't de-vein shrimp, and I'm much happier to enjoy the finished result and not the prep on foods like this. Anyone else?? 

This perfectly depicts Greer's feelings toward the sand. One foot up and away, the other willing to test it out, until it actually comes to standing her up in it. Those first days she was much happier in the stroller than running around during our evening strolls. 

And do you spot the sweet surprise we enjoyed watching one evening after a walk?? There were about six dolphins in all, swimming the shoreline. I had just been wondering if we would see any this trip, and then there they were. Moments like those I can't help but think that God heard my inward thought and then answered. 

I think these are the neatest castles. And husband makes them so well. Every morning while we readied for the beach (you know sunscreen for everyone, a swim diaper and then another one because someone peed through the first one, a round-up of towels, and so on) Greer would yell out, "Castles! Ocean!" because this girl loved playing with her buckets and watching her daddy build her castles. Now that we're home, she's still yelling it. 

Greer's exact feelings about the sand. And you can see the pink outdoor play mat that saved the day for us! She was happy as a clam on it, with buckets full of water and shovels and shapes to play in the sand with. Yes, she didn't mind touching the sand with her hands, it was just something about standing on it. 

Most nights we made dinner in, but we headed out for a seafood medley at The Old Oyster Factory, and it was delicious. We ate outside on the deck with a view of the marsh because that's my favorite way to dine. And after our meal, we walked around to see more of the marsh. There were oyster shells everywhere and hundreds (probably more) of tiny crabs just barely bigger than my fingertip. 

This one melts me over and over again. My two favorite people in all the world with the sweetest and most perfect profiles. I could go on and on about them. And can I just say that this girl was in heaven having her daddy with her throughout the days all week long. Can we always have it this way?? 

So besides the beach, we also had a pool. And Greer was always asking for the pool, to swim after our mornings on the beach. We kindly obliged as it was the perfect way to cool off. Her very favorite part.....daddy's high-in-the-air tosses. Who wouldn't love that?

Easily my favorite picture from our vacation. Time has flown by since welcoming Greer into our family. She has changed so rapidly in the last twenty months and it has been amazing to watch. She's as smart as a tack, funny, and just darling. Sharing new experiences with her can bring its own challenges (because that's life with a toddler) but it's more joy than you can imagine too. I'll be sharing more of our vacation with part two. And our time in Savannah will be its own post as well!