Thanksgiving Home Tour

Friday, November 16, 2018

The mountains of Virginia got a lovely coating of ice yesterday. So we kept the fireplace roaring, stayed in our pajamas all day long, and made it a priority to enjoy fresh-from-the-oven cookies during nap time. We were feeling  quite festive and bright! All of it made for the perfect time to put together a little cozy post to share our Thanksgiving Home Tour with you today!

Who agrees that the chunk of time between Halloween and Christmas is one of the hardest stretches for decorating? Do you jump the fall ship and deck the halls with all of the pine garland and tinsel or do you keep the pumpkins around for a bit longer? We haven't really decided quite where we stand on this either, but one of the deciding factors is our Christmas tree. We cut down a fresh tree every year, and we save the day after Thanksgiving for that special tradition. So it doesn't quite feel right to decorate our house in all things Christmas without the main feature, our tree. 

Because I'm 95% ready to give up the fall feels for the Christmas feels this time of year, I love using this window of time to transition us from Halloween/Fall décor to the reds and greens of December. I like to make the little touches feel more like winter, not so much fall, while still keeping some of the pumpkins around. My trick is to go white; from the pumpkins to the garland and the white-tipped pinecones. It really helps our house feel ready for a new season, while still enjoying the last little drops of autumn, which I hold onto with little shades of crimson and orange.

Keeping twinkle lights out (I wrap them around my vine pumpkins) is the perfect way to make a space feel cozy and festive. Soon enough those twinkle lights will be shining brightly from our fir tree, and it's going to be magical. I also love to incorporate some quintessential Thanksgiving touches too. Like a porcelain turkey for the table and some pilgrim ornaments. I think it helps define this upcoming holiday without being over-the-top. 

I hope you enjoy our nice little mixture of fall + Thanksgiving + winter + a little touch of Christmas feels!  

p.s. find my tutorial for the pom pom garland HERE!


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Pumpkin Painting To End The Season

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Now that Halloween is over, do you find yourself wondering what you'll do with all of your pumpkins? Maybe you've still got them on the porch as part of your fall/Thanksgiving decor. Or maybe you're contemplating chucking them out back with the hope the seeds will magically bury themselves just so in the dirt to produce pumpkins next year. 

What you could opt for is painting them, especially if you have little(s) who need a creative and fun outlet during the day. Gather their little friends for a festive and simple playdate. You've never seen a two-and-a-half-year-old more proud than after creating a masterpiece with a pumpkin + pink paints. Even better is when they get to revel in all that goodness with sweet friends. 

    • Pumpkins (we love pie pumpkins for littles, they're just the right size)
    • Acrylic paint 
      • we opted for six colors; enough to give variety without being overwhelming
      • stick to two main colors (in this case, pink and blue) and then pick shades of that color for a little unity
      • add a contrast - we went with a champagne color
    • Paint brushes
    • Paper plates
    • Brown paper to lay out on the floor (tape the corners down)
    • Paper towels for easy clean-up + wipe-down

If you want to keep your pumpkins through the Christmas season, opt for painting those pumpkins like snowmen. You can add googly eyes, a button nose, and pom poms for coal. There are lots of way to get creative with theses leftover pumpkins, whether you're the artist doing the painting or your child is! 

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XO, Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Friday, November 2, 2018
It's official. I will be putting together family Halloween costumes for always....well, as long as my children will let me. But, I'm hoping they'll always love putting a theme together with their parents and siblings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and have the highest hopes.

This year, our little crew went as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I've been holding onto this family costume since we found out we were expecting last October. With the help of our very talented neighbor, who knit the bear cowls and crocheted the hat for our Goldi girl, the whole idea came to life. It turned out even better than I imagined; best of all was the delight on our sweet Greer's face. She's only been telling everyone and anyone what our costumes were going to be since September. And she's also been excitedly counting down to trick-or-treating. Safe to say, she was in her own little piece of heaven on Wednesday. And even though Quinn was clueless as to what was going on, we loved celebrating her first Halloween as our baby bear. These little ladies sure do make the holidays all the more fun!

With a successful Halloween behind us, you know I'm already scheming up next year's family costume theme!

Our Jack-O-Laughtern

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
All the candy in the world wouldn't tempt Greer to touch the pumpkin guts. But, let her help carve the pumpkin? Yes, she's happy to get into an-all-out-body-bobbing carving mode. Last night, after little sister was asleep and dinner had been had, we huddled around a piece of brown paper to carve our pumpkin. Our best intentions were to carve on Sunday night, but somehow time kept slipping away. So we let our little pumpkin stay up just a bit late to finally get to carving. And I'm glad we did. These little holiday traditions are all the sweeter sharing it with her. 

What kind of face should we carve into the pumpkin? These were the two suggestions :)

She warmed up to the pumpkin guts, but only enough to smooth them out with the scooper. Anything beyond that was still a hard NO. Maybe next year she'll be digging the guts out herself....

And a very Happy Halloween to each of you! I hope your day is perfectly spooky! 

Halloween Home Tour

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
The cobwebs are hung in the corners with care, and this post is finally going up right in the nick of time! I am constantly tweaking my holiday décor, and the Halloween decorations are not exempt. I've found that keeping my home picked up and orderly enough to photograph with two littles is quite a challenge. So take my constant tweaking + real life, and I'm lucky to be squeezing this in in time! 

So welcome, to our Halloween home, where there are plenty of pumpkins, black & white, and just the right amount of pink! I hope you are ready for all the tricks and treats tomorrow will bring! I can't wait to share our family Halloween costume. Be on the lookout on my Instagram for peaks throughout the day! Happy Haunting! 

Y'all have been so sweet about my bats, you can find the cutout I used for them HERE
And my very favorite garland is HERE!


Family Room Paint Color is Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams || Foyer Wallpaper || White Armchairs || Child's Chair || Velvet Pillows || Curtains || Curtain Rod || || Ottoman || Rug ||Entryway Console || Lamp (similar) || Glass Dome || Mirror || Cake Stand (similar) ||  Floating Shelves || Alphabet Poster || Anything else just ask me!


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